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Aadhi Chokkanathar Temple, Simmakkal – Legends

Aadhi Chokkanathar Temple, Simmakkal – Legends
Vada Thiru Aalavai:
Kuchela Pandya ruling Madurai then was an erudite scholar. To pay his tributes to the king, Tamil poet Idaikadar, a close friend of eminent poet Kabilar, came to his place and praised him with a verse. The king grew jealous of the poet’s excellence and was indifferent to the visitor. Pained by the king’s indifference, Idaikadar went to the temple and spoke to the Lord of his experience and said to Lord that he was unable to understand whether the king humiliated him or Lord himself.
He left the temple and went northward angrily. Lord came out of his Linga form and set out towards north with Mother Uma Devi and came to a temple south of River Vaigai. He granted darshan to Idaikadar and promised to teach a lesson to Pandya king. Next morning, when devotees came for the morning darshan of Lord – Thiru Palli Ezhuchi darshan in Tamil – they were shocked that the Shivalinga was missing and informed the king.
King rushed to the temple and begged the Lord to tell him what wrong he did and why he left the temple with Mother Uma Devi. A voice said that Lord left the place as the king humiliated poet Idaikadar. Meantime, devotees rushed to king saying that Lord and Mother were in the temple south of River Vaigai. Pandya rushed to the temple and implored the Lord praying for pardon.
Pleased with the appeal of the King, Lord said that Thiru Aalavai was supreme of all sacred places and the particular Linga had more significance than others though he was in other Linga too, because this one was worshipped by Kubera. Since now, this place would be revered as Uthara Aalavai, Lord added. The temple is also known as Adhi Chokkanathar Koil and the Place Vada Thiru Aalavai.
Kubera worshipped Lord Shiva here:
Kubera the deity-authority of wealth himself prayed Lord Chokkanatha in the Linga form for the growth of his wealth and installed this Shivalinga – Adhi Chokkanathar in this temple. Of the many Shivalingas worshipped by Kubera the deity of wealth, the one in this temple-presiding deity Lord Adhi Chokkanathar is considered supreme above others.
Planet Budhan worshipped Lord Shiva here:
As Planet Budha – Mercury worshipped in this temple, this is considered as Budha Sthala Kshetra since the beginning.

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