Friday, May 20, 2016

Solesvaran Temple, Aragalur, Salem

Solesvaran Temple, Aragalur, Salem
This temple gives the old name for the village as 'Thayinum Nalla Chozhisvaram'. Geographical position of this temple is 11.562002°N 78.787401°E. The temple is constructed using Granite stones with no mortar. Locals believe that this was constructed by/in honor of Kulothunga Chola III. In 2007, volunteers have cleared the vegetation over growth on the roof of this temple. This is a dilapidated Siva temple in a small village Aragalur ("six moat place") is a village in Salem district.

It is about 6 km from Thalaivasal and 70 km from Salem. Aragalur was the capital of Magadai Mandalam ruled by the well-known Bana Chieftains around 1190-1260 CE. Aragalurudaiya Ponparappinan Rajarajadevan alias Magadesan was the greatest in this dynasty.

There are many inscriptions surrounding the Adhishtana. This would give loads of information about this place and the temple if deciphered. Not sure whether this is recorded anywhere in our government records. There is a Nandi in a separate Mandapa in front of the temple.

There is another small temple for the goddess adjacent to the Solesvaran temple and the construction is similar to the main temple. Locals believe that this was constructed by/in honor of Kulothunga Chola III. The temple is covered with a lot of vegetation and is being used as a dump yard for the cattle and its feed.

It was really painful to see the temple kept in such a pathetic condition. A water tank had been built in front of the temple by the local authorities blinding the view of the adjacent Devi shrine. This temple needs immediate attention. Most of the temple surroundings have been occupied by locals and not cared for its wellbeing. 

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