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Tripurasundari Mahameru Temple, Nagalur, Yercaud

Tripurasundari Mahameru Temple, Nagalur, Yercaud
Tripurasundari Mahameru Temple is a very beautiful temple situated in the midst of a cultivated and well maintained garden. "Yeri Kaadu" - forest around the lake, today popularly known as Yercaud, is one of the popular hill stations of Tamilnadu. Located in the Shervarayan range of the Eastern Ghats, this popular tourist spot is about 36 kms away from Salem. Apart from the various tourist attractions, Yercaud is also home to the World's largest Sri Chakra Maha Meru.

This Temple is located in Nagalur 7 kms from the Yercaud Lake. This Lalitha Tripurasundari Temple houses the world's largest Sri Chakra Maha Meru.

It is believed that God was one, wanted to create many forms of himself. So he first created Devi, the cosmic female force. He then created Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu from his left, middle and right portions respectively. The Devi is hence believed to be more powerful than the Trinity and is called Parasakthi. 

The central point or Bindu of the Sri Chakra represents the cosmic union of Siva and Shakthi. The various triangles in the Sri Chakra represent innumerable other Gods and goddesses. The Mount Meru, also called Maha Meru when viewed from the top is seen as the Sri Chakra and hence it is called Sri Chakra Maha Meru. 

Lord Shiva created 64 tantras to protect and safeguard all living things. These tantras when expanded form the Agamas. Goddess Parasakthi requested Shiva to create a simple form of worship and based on her request, the Lord compressed the essence of all the 64 tantras into one simple form and preached it to the Goddess. This is known as Sri Vidhya.

Sri Vidhya is the integrated form of worship of Ganapathyam (the worship of Ganesha), Kaumaram (the worship of Karthikeya), Vaishnavam (the worship of Vishnu), Saivam (the worship of Shiva) and Shaktham (the worship of Shakthi) and Srichakram is that unique form where all these worships are integrated and exist in one form. 

Sri Chakra Maha Meru is the Darbar of Goddess Lalitha Tripurasundari, where all Gods and Goddesses are bestowing their hands towards her. True to the description of the Sri Chakra Maha Meru, this temple has Goddess Lalitha Tripurasundari, bestowing grace and compassion to all those who seek her, under the shade of the world's largest Sri Chakra Mahameru.

The Temple
The ambience of the temple is so serene and vibrant. Built in white marble, with paved pathways, the main sanctum sanctorum has a semicircular pit filled with water in which the reflection of the Sri Chakra Maha Meru which forms the vimanam of the sanctum sanctorum can be seen. Devotees throw coins into this pit, praying for their wishes to be granted.

The Goddess Lalitha Tripurasundari is true to her name.  Lalitha means the one who plays the roles of creation, protection and destruction and Tripura means the three worlds and Sundari means beautiful. The most beautiful form in the three worlds sits there waiting to grant all the wishes of those who seek her.

As the worship of Sri Chakra includes all forms of Gods and Goddesses, there are beautiful wood carvings of Urdhava Thandava Moorthy, Saraswathi and Viswaroopa Moorthy.  Each one of them is exquisitely carved and over ten feet high.

The Urdhava Thandava Moorthy showing the form of Shiva with his right leg lifted high in the air is indeed beautifully carved and so is the idol of Viswaroopa Moorthy which shows the Viswaroopa form of Lord Vishnu as he appeared before Arjuna during the Gita Upadesha is really awe-inspiring.

The Goddess Saraswathi with an ornate veena in hand, left leg raised in a dance posture, a peacock at her feet, looking up to her, standing on a beautifully carved lotus is another masterpiece.

The vibration in the temple is extremely strong and the ambiance ideal for meditation. One can easily concentrate in this vibrant yet serene environment. The long pathway to the temple has small fountains, with idols of Buddha and other gods in the middle.

A small pathway leads to the shrine of Guru Dhakshinamoorthy. Surrounded by glass panes, and flowering plants arranged to form a scenic background, this shrine again is a perfect setting for meditation.

This temple though only about a couple of years old, attracts a lot of people due to its serenity and tranquility.

Temple Timings
·        The temple opens at 6 am in the morning. 
·        Every day at 6.30 AM Ganapathy Homam is performed. 
·        At 7 AM, one can witness Go pooja and 
·        At 7.10 AM, Viswaroopa Dharisanam.
·        Abhishekam is performed at 7.30 am.
·        Uchikala Pooja at 12.30 pm
·        Temple closes at 1 pm & reopens at 4 pm and stays open till 7.30 pm
Contact Details
Shri. K B Babu Founder - 04281 – 291241
The Temple is located at Nagalur, which is exactly at 7 kms from Yercaud Lake. After reaching Yercaud Lake from Salem, take left in Roundana, Which will take you to the famous Shervaroyan temple road. After some two or three kms, a diversion at right is there which will lead to the Shervaroyan temple, but go straight to reach Nagalur.
Lot of buses from Yercaud is running to Nagalur. The road is good but bit narrow and you can enjoy some great view of Valleys while driving. Buses ply from Salem and Yercaud to Nagalur as well. Nearest Railway Station is located at Salem & Nearest Airport is located at Coimbatore/Trichy.

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