Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Anna Park, Yercaud

Anna Park, Yercaud
Another important place of visit in Yercaud is the Anna Park which is located near the lake. This park has a collection of the natural species of plants and trees seen around Shevaroy hills. Flower shows are conducted in this park during summer months.

There is a breathtaking Japanese garden inside this park in which plants are grown in Japanese style. Children can enjoy playing in the garden. It is a well maintained garden and is worth a visit. Anna Park is a lovely garden located near the Yercaud Lake and has slides that would certainly interest children.

The ideal time to visit this park is during the summer months, especially in month of May, when annual Flower Show is held. The park has decorated with many colorful and captivating plants and flowers. One can enjoy the nature of Yercaud and aroma of the alluring flowers in this park.

It is ideal place for families with kids as the park has facilities for kid’s entertainment. Japanese park, Gandhi park and Lake park are some more attractive nearby places which ensure a perfect fun for kids.

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