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Karadiyur View Point, Yercaud

Karadiyur View Point, Yercaud
It is a vertical cliff with a beautiful view of valley and Mettur Dam. It is located in Karadiyur Village. The Karadiyur viewpoint is located at a distance of twelve km from Yercaud. A wonderful location to enjoy the beauty of nature, the Karadiyur viewpoint will surely astound you. The view of sunrise as well as sunset from this location is a unique attraction.

From atop the viewpoint you can enjoy the nature at its best valleys decorated with rivers and greenery. The sunset view from here has a special charm. Tourists, nature lovers, adventure seekers and photographers will enjoy a visit to the Karadiyur viewpoint. However, if you are travelling with family, the elders and children might find climbing up the hill a difficult task. Nevertheless, the view at the top is worth every effort.

The best time to visit the Karadiyur viewpoint would be from November to March. Though it can be visited during any time of the day, Sunset time offers the best view. Karadiyur viewpoint can be easily accessed from Yercaud by means of local transportation like buses or taxis.

You can drive your vehicle right up till the white building with yellow railings from where you can see a lush green carpet of forested hills. It is simply fascinating how wild the region remains. Karadiyur was so named on account of the number of sloth bears that one could see around here; today, you will not spot even a single one.

The two options of reaching this viewpoint are either by vehicle on the tar road that takes you there or by trekking through the estates from Kiliyur Falls. The latter would require permits as well as a guide. Make sure you visit the swanky newly constructed watchtower for an even more splendid view of these hills.

It is also possible to camp overnight as well as try your hand at basic rock climbing. Karadiyur is the starting point for several other trails in the region. It is worth to take a bumpy detour to reach here. There is no metaled road for about half a kilometer in the final drive. One has to walk about 400 meters as the modern cars cannot negotiate the rocks in the mid of the path.
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