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Kodiveri Dam & Falls

Kodiveri Dam and Falls
At a distance of 75 Kms from Coimbatore and 70 Kms from Erode, Kodiveri Dam & Waterfalls is a wonderful picnic spot situated near Satyamangalam in Erode district (20 Kms from Bannari Mariamman Temple). Constructed on Bhavani River, the Dam provides irrigation water for over 25000 hectares of land. There is a beautiful Park developed at bottom of the dam with many attractions.

The Waterfalls formed by the downstream of Kodiveri Dam is a wonderful spot with nice views of the falls (close to the dam). Since the falls are not heavy, anyone can easily reach bottom of the falls and enjoy. Bathing & swimming in the pool at bottom of the falls is a memorable experience. And the entertainment is easy on the pockets; the entry ticket costs just Rs. 4 for a person.
Kodiveri Dam is located on the Bhavani River near Sathyamangalam in Western Tamil Nadu. The dam is situated along the State Highway 15 about 15 km (9.3 mi) from Gobichettipalayam towards Sathyamangalam. The name 'Kodiveri' is originated from 'Kodivari' in Tamil meaning Tiger, which represents the forest area around the Dam where large number of tigers lived.

Ever since water was released last month to the Kodiveri Check Dam from the Bhavani Sagar Reservoir for irrigation of fields wetted by Thadapalli-Arakankottai canals, there has been a spurt in the number of tourists, according to coracle rowers who make fast bucks offering rides to tourists.
At other times, the coracle rowers who belong to villages in the surroundings eke out a living by fishing. Incidentally, a section of tourists visit the spot to taste the freshly caught and fried fish.

The picturesque location of the check dam is what provides the spot the identity of a tourist destination. The play area for children and the grass lawns, though not maintained well, whip up the ambience for the visitors to slip into the holiday mood instantly. The serene spot gains vibrancy during weekends, according to the staff of Public Works Department that maintains the check dam. Tourists visit in units of families as alcohol is prohibited.

Using surveillance cameras, the police deal strictly with those found possessing liquor or even entering the dam area in an inebriated condition, the staff says. According to regular visitors from nearby places, the spot could be developed further. To begin with, improvement in the toilet facilities for the convenience of tourists coming from distant places will further enhance the image of the location, they say.
The entrance to the Kodiveri falls is available on both sides of the Bhavani River. One can hire this round boat (shown in the above photo) to go from one side to another. It seems people can also walk across the river (just above the falls) but that seemed too risky! If you have been to Hogenakkal, you know how much fun it is to ride on one of these boats. The boatman even circles the boat easily to increase the thrill!
The Kodiveri falls is referred to as ‘Mini Niagra Falls’.

Bhavani River had its ways with different ups and downs and the water of the river did not meet the requirement of the farmers of surrounding area. Conditions of drought were aroused in the area and it was decided by the Local Chieftain that a dam must be created over the Bhavani River to manage the water crisis. Since then, the dam is serving the area with regular and healthy water supply. Irrigation level increased in the surrounding area and the graph of food grain production has also been increased in past. Conditions improved and per capita income of the area recognized as increased. This dam has been taken over as government property during 1937.

It was constructed by the Semba vettuvar Jayagonda Sozha Kongalvan in the year 1125 AD. Creating the dam consisted of carving a 20-foot wall of rock. The stones were then interlocked with iron bars and lead was used as mortar. These features, however, are not visible except in the dry season when the water level in the river drops considerably. Two channels arise from the dam; one is on the northern side of Bhavani River and the other on the southern side viz "Arakkan Kottai Channel" and "Thadapalli Channel" respectively. Lands north of Gobichettipalayam are fertile due to the flow of the Thadapalli channel. Cultivation of sugarcane and paddy are predominant in this area. The lush green fields are also a pleasure to watch.
Technical Portion
This dam is made of tough stones and mortars. A sound wall of 20 ft width has been made as the main wall to bear with the huge water load. Water discharge regulators have been provided with a free flowing capacity of water without harming the surrounding areas. Thick Iron Bars and Lead were utilized in the construction to provide a long lasting support. There are two channels have been developed on either side of the dame to initiate canals. Two channels namely Arakkan Kottai Channel and Thadapalli Channel are established at both the flanks. Gobichettipalayam has the fertile area but because of the irrigation received from this dam. Farming of Sugarcane is done here at large scale.
·        This is a great tourist cum Dam located in fantastic greenish surroundings.
·        There is the park near Kodiveri falls has been built up with many fountains and greenish lawns
·        You too can have a nice boating in traditional boat called 'Thoni'(In Tamil)
·        This waterfalls s naturally arranged in such a way that there are 3 different places to bath and enjoy for different categories of people.
·        There is a high lying water fall, there men will be bathing and enjoying the falls which flows with the combination of herbals and their medicinal characters will have a good impart on our body.
·        On the other side there is a water fall which is especially for Ladies and Children where there is no risk of slipping and there is a little privacy.
·        For all those who like to do Swimming can enjoy their time with the water that is stagnant but it is clean and level of water is up to the safer limits. So there we can perform our activities like Somersaults. 
·        This Dam cum falls is doing a great job of irrigating for about 25,000 hectares near the low lying nearby areas. 
·        This dam is maintained at a huge sum of money of about Rs. 75 Lakhs.
Transportation to this spot is also easily available as this area is located on state highway No 15. Connectivity is well either by road or by rail. Nearest railway station is Erode Junction which is located at 38 kilometers from here. By air access is also possible as Coimbatore is the nearest airport at 74 kilometers. Better road transport facilities are available to reach this dam. Gobichettipalayam is a municipality and thus there are no problems of transportation.