Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sanjeevi Hills

Sanjeevi Hills


Sanjeevi Hills is situated in Rajapalayam on the way to Chatrapatti. The calm and serene ambience makes it a favorite spot for tourists. Sanjeevi Hills is an important historic hill located on the South West of Rajapalayam. This hill has a famous Temple on it top where several hundred devotees throng to worship daily.

Sanjeevi is the name of the mountain with auspicious and medicinal plants on it. In Hinduism this mountain is said to be very sacred. Lord Hanuman brought this mountain from Dronagiri to cure Lakshmana and Rama and the Vaanara army who had fainted and wounded in the war.

According to Hinduism, Sanjeevi means medicine that cures, auspicious, strong and giant.

Sanjeevi Hills Legend

In Ramayana Sanjeevi Hills is mentioned as a rocky hill containing rare medicinal plants. During the course of battle to save Sita, Lord Rama’s brother Lakshmana was battling for his life as a result of being hit by Indrajit's  Brahmaastra arrow, Jambavan advised Lord Hanuman to bring four medicinal plants from the Sanjeevi hills in Himalayas for restoring the strength of Lord Rama, Laxman and the Vaanara army who had been wounded in the war against Ravana and could be saved only with the help of these herbs which could be present on the Sanjeevi Hills. 

Lord Hanuman was sent to retrieve the herbs and when he reached there as he could not identify the herb immediately he came back bringing the whole Sanjeevi hills. Once in vicinity of the hill the warriors wounds healed and they became strong. Lord Hanuman once again carried the hill for the second time during the final battle of the Ramayana. On the way, dirt and rocks fell off and hit the earth in Southern India, forming the ground where Sanjeevi Nagar sits today. Even now, Sanjeevi Nagar remains home to many medicinal plants.


Sanjeevi Hills is located at 9°26'27.2"N 77°34'10.4"E or 9.440880, 77.569553. Present day this Sanjeevi hills is located at Rajapalayam, a township in Tamil Nadu, India. It is believed that fragments which fell from the Sanjeevi hills while being carried by Lord Hanuman created Sirumalai & Sathuragiri.