Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Vallakattu Karuppasamy temple

Vallakattu Karuppasamy Temple
Vallakattu Karuppasamy temple is situated en route to Ayyanar Kovil right in the middle of forest. Lord Karuppu Samy is one of the 21 associate folk-deities of Ayyanar. This temple is located next to awesome dam that supply water to Rajapalayam Township. This temple is one of the most believable god and famous in this area. every full moon decorate with golden kavacham for lord Karuppasamy and also providing food donation for all whoever come to the temple then every Saturday also. Here one ayalya tree is available who’s having ayalya star do the milk abishekam to this tree root for getting patient life

This temple is located near the Ayyanar temple, in the middle of the Ayyanar forest area. This temple is the most coveted in the region.