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Tirunallurperumanam Temple

Tirunallurperumanam Temple
Tirunallurpperumanam Temple is situated near the Nataraja Temple and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple lies on the main Mayiladuthurai railroad and was the seat of the Anglo-French wars. In 1744, this temple came under the control of British after the defeat of the Thanjavur army.
This temple is situated at a distance of 6 km east of Kollidam Railway Station and is considered to be the marriage venue of Thiru Gnanasambandar. This event is commemorated every year by conducting a festival. There are two prakarams and a Rajagopuram at the temple entrance. The main outer prakaram comprises over 100 pillared halls along with an image of Thiru Gnanasambandar.

This Shivastalam is located 6 km east of the Kollidam railway station south of Chidambaram, on the Chidambaram Mayiladuturai rail road. Tirunallurperumanam is the 5th in the series of Tevara Stalangal on the northern banks of the river Kaveri in the Chola region of Tamilnadu. It is known primarily for its association with Tirugnanasambandar; it was also the seat of Anglo French wars. 
The British took possession of this temple in 1744, were opposed by the Tanjore armies which were subsequently defeated. The British reoccupied the temple in 1759, and the French occupied it later.
Tirunallurpperumanam Temple is one of the 275 Shiva Sthalam and has a beautiful architecture. A visit to the temple is a definite bliss. The temple has 2 prakarams which covers an area of one acre.
Parasarar, Vashishtar, Bhrigu and Jamadagni Munis were blessed with a vision of Shivalokam after their arduous meditation here (hence Sivalokatyagar). Vishnu and Bhramma are also believed to have worshipped Shiva here.
This temple is site of Sambandar's wedding where the entire gathering is believed to have attained salvation; this event is commemorated each year in the month of Taurus (Moolam). Tiruvenneerammai - Parvati (Aachaal) is said to have blessed the guests at the wedding. Mahavidwan Meenakshisundarampillai has composed the Tiruvenneetrumai Pillaittamizh in honor of this shrine.
Thiru Gnana Sambandhar with his wife prayed to Lord Shivalokathyagesar and Goddess Thiruvenneetrumai Ammai and faithfully sung the splendors of the Lord.  Instantly an enormous, brilliant light appeared from the temple sanctorum.  Sambandhar recommended his assembly of holy men to embrace the divine light.  Some of them were petrified and turned back after envisaging the massive fire. 
At this point of time, Sambandhar described the glories of Panchakshara Mantra and sung one of his famous compositions Namashivaya Thirupathikam.  Ultimately, Sambandhar along with all the holy men collected including Thiru Nilakanda Yazhpanar, Thiru Nilakanda Nayanar and Muruga Nayanar settled into the vivid alluring light and attained the Abode of Lord Shiva in this blessed place.
Temple Structure
This temple has 2 prakarams & covers an area of an acre. Tall walls line the outer prakaram and the entrance is crowned with a Rajagopuram. A 100 pillared hall in the outer prakaram houses images of Sambandar and his consort. The sanctum is decorated with 50 pillars exhibiting artistic stonework. Several Theerthams adorn this temple. This temple is administered by the Dharumapuram Adhinam.

Inscriptions from the period of the Imperial Cholas (Raja Raja I, Vikrama, Kulottunga III, Raja Raja III) & Maravarman Parakrama Pandyan, recording endowments made to the temple are seen here. The Ambal shrine here was built around the year 1210 CE.
Sambandar’s tirukkalyanam in Vaikasi, Navaratri, Skandasashti are notable here.
Rituals performed
Six worship services are offered to the lord every day.
The deity
The female deity is known as Tiruvenneetrumyammai and Lorad Shiva is known as Sivalogathyagesar
Temple timings
The temple timings are from 6.00AM to 12.00PM and 4.00PM to 8.00PM.
One has to travel on Chidambaram – Sirkazhi road and reach a village called Kollidam after crossing the river Kollidam Bridge. From Kollidam, one has to travel by a branch road that goes to Achalpuram and Tirumayendrapalli. This temple is located 8 Kms from Kollidam at Aachchaalpuram. Bus facilities are available from Chidambaram and Sirkazhi. Aachchaalpuram is about 25 Kms from Chidambaram.


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