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Peraruvi (Main Falls), Courtallam, Thirunelveli

Peraruvi (Main Falls), Courtallam, Thirunelveli
Peraruvi is located in the center of Courtallam and it is the biggest falls about 60 meters high. It is one of the natural and spectacular waterfalls in the world. It is advised to drink some quantity of this water while taking bath as it contains medical properties. As soon as, one takes bath here, the person feels rejuvenated; both his mind and body will be fresh. This herbal water can cure various digestive problems and urinary problems, if the patient takes bath continuously for 6 months.

The flow of water is interrupted by the Pongumakadal, a 19m deep crater and comes down with greatly reduced impact, making a bath safe. Main Falls, also known as Peraruvi is the biggest and most frequented waterfall among the nine falls. The water stream cascades downstream from an altitude of 60 m at the location. Located in the town centre, the water stream is also a worship place for the locals. During the peak season, the site is frequented by travelers from around the country.

The shrine of Thirukootachalanathar temple, dedicated to Sri Tirukutrala Nathar (Lord Shiva) and Kuzhalvaimozhi Amman (Goddess), grabs attention of tourists. This falls is in good flow of water during the months of June to December, during the monsoon months of south India. Not only during the season, but also during the period November to January, the crest receives the Northeastern monsoon emptying itself on the slopes to swell the falls and the Chittar River.

The water flowing in this Pothigai Hills flows through a lot of herbs which are very good for health. Generally people before taking bath apply oil (mainly sesame oil) right from head to toe. At a time nearly 200 to 300 people can take bath. There are 2 separate sections for ladies and gents. There are so many lingams and images of gods sculpted on the surface of the rocks over which water flows making it a divine falls.

People who usually throng this place take bath here for 3 times a day just before every meal. There will be many monkeys jumping and playing in the rocks. We can also enjoy seeing wild life. During the peak season, this area becomes too crowded and one might have to queue up for a bath. Main Falls is located at about 650 meters from Courtallam Bus Stand.

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