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Navaneetha Krishna Temple, Melaseval – Legends

Navaneetha Krishna Temple, Melaseval – Legends
Sri Villiputthurar listened to Bagawatham in Sanskrit and translated it in Tamil language.
Vallimalai Kavirayar:
Vallimalai Kavirayar was the person who translated Tiruchendur Puranam in poetic form in this place. Vallimalai Kavirayar was not interested in studies, and he joined as a cook in Tiruchendur Murugan Temple. One day when the Abishekam was taking place in the temple he was so deeply immersed, in watching the abishekam for Lord, he forgot to do the prasadam for Lord Murugan. 
Committee members were not happy about his act and they removed him from the job. Kavirayar was frustrated and wanted to commit suicide at that time Lord Murugan appeared before him and told him his birth was for some mission. Lord Murugan said the mission is not yet completed, and asked him to go to Cheval village and meet Krishna Sastry who will help him. He met Krishna Sastry and learned that, Tiruchendur Purana was in Sanskrit which he learnt and translated in Tamil in the form of Poem. 
He wanted the book to be released first at Tiruchendur Murugan temple. There he was insulted and the copy of the script thrown in the sea. The script was found by a devotee of Murugan, in Manaimuri, of Srilanka. He took the script and was reading it daily. Once there was poisonous viral attack due to which many lost their lives. The people in the land were devotee of Murugan was living, did not suffer. They came to know the script is holy book and that was the reason. Everyone from then on started reading the Script and worship Lord Murugan.
Krishna blessing a Cowherd to become a Minister:
This happened many years before the temple was built. A cowherd, feeling exhausted after a long morning’s work in the hot sun, slept in the open. To shelter him from the scorching sun, a snake that was passing by, cast its hood and to protect him from the heat. A lad who happened to be watching this told the cowherd once he woke up that he would one day attain significant position and that if he attained such a status, he should reward him for the forecast.
As predicted by the lad, the uneducated cowherd got a job in the kingdom of Travancore and soon through pure hard work rose to become a minister. All these days he had remembered the prediction of the lad. He searched for the lad but could not locate him. He then came to Melaseval and built a temple for Navaneetha Krishna, where the Lord is seen in the form of a young boy. The temple was later improved during the reign of kings of Venadu.
Kerala Tradition of worship:
Under the Venadu rule, this place was known as Veera Kerala Puram and this temple followed the Kerala Tradition of worship.
Tamaraibarani Mahatmiyam:
Tamaraibarani Mahatmiyam refers to this place as ‘Jothirvanam’ and the existence of Gowri Theertham and Prabha Theertham.
Prarthana Sthalam:
Lord Navaneetha Krishna is said to answer the sincere prayers of childless couples if they place the Naga idol inside the temple and offer Milk Payasam to the Lord.
Brahmin Boy got his Voice back by undertaking Vratham:
A Brahmin boy, who was unable to speak right from his birth, observed `Vratham' as per the advice of the astrologers in the Navaneethakrishnan temple. And as per the advice received in his dreams, he went to Thiruchendur and was blessed with voice in Lord Muruga's shrine.
Serpent safeguarding the Navaneethakrishnan Idol:
It is said that in the nights, a serpent used to safeguard the gold and silver bejeweled Navaneethakrishnan idol.