Saturday, May 13, 2017

Shenbaga Devi Falls (Chembakadevi Falls), Courtallam, Thirunelveli

Shenbaga Devi Falls (Chembakadevi Falls), Courtallam, Thirunelveli
Shenbaga Devi Falls is one of the revered places in the region. The beautiful waterfall is positioned on the way to Honey Falls. This location can also be accessed from the Main Falls, which is also a popular trekking route. It is located at a distance of 2 Kms from the Main Falls and 3 Kms from Courtallam Bus Stand. The water source of Shenbaga Devi Falls is the River Chitraru. Thenaruvi or Honey Falls continue to flow through the River Chitraru, as the Shenbaga Devi Falls.

A rock bordered pool is a visitor’s delight, as they enjoy swimming and bathing in its waters. As good as a whole family of 10 members can enjoy in this large water body, unlike the other cascades. However, the entrance to the falls is restricted during the monsoon months, due to the heavy flow of water. Sitting by the pool of the falls, with a surrounding view of the Kutralam Valley, adds to the heavenly beauty of the cascade.

Shenbaga Devi Falls is named after the name of nearby village, Shenbaga Devi that features a temple of Goddess Shenbaga Devi, reincarnation of Goddess Durga. Owing to religious significance, devotees visit the place in large number to pay homage. During full moon days large crowds visit this temple. Fragrant Shenbaga flowers on the way to the temple are a popular buy to be offered at the shrine. Shenbaga Devi falls is situated above Chitraruvi Falls.

Shenbaga Devi falls can be reached by trekking for 30 minutes and the water flows from a height of 42 feet (14 Meters). The falls are surrounded by Shenbaga trees that bear fragrant Shenbaga flowers that are offered to Amman in Shenbaga Devi Temple. Any festival done in Thirukutralanaathar Temple starts from this Shenbaga Devi temple. During the Tamil month of Chithirai a ten day festival is arranged which ends in a special prayer on Pournami (Full Moon).


Bakiaraj K said...

Did they allowed for Bath in that falls ?

Ilamurugan said...

Yes it is allowed.