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Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Tenkasi – Legends

Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Tenkasi – Legends
Parakrama Pandiya, Builder of this Temple:
About 700 years ago, King Parakrama Pandiya was taking up a pilgrimage to Kasi as and when he desired to worship Lord Viswanatha. The Lord appeared in his dream that he could build a temple here itself to avoid a long journey to north. He advised the king to follow the movement of ants row and build the temple where it ended. The ant-line ended on the banks Chitraru River dense with Shenbaga trees. He found a Swayambulinga near an anthill and built the temple as directed by the Lord.
People worshipped Shiva here:
Sages Narada, Agasthya, Mynagam, Kanva Rishi, Mrugandu and Indira, Vali, Nandhi had worshipped the Lord in this temple.
Birthplace of Nandhi:
This shrine is celebrated as the birth shrine of Nandhi (Bull -Vehicle of Lord Shiva).
Child Boon:
A sage called “Silogithar” prayed for child and got the boon here.
Statue of Parakrama Pandyan:
The statue of Parakrama Pandyan who built this temple is in the sanctorum of the lord. The king was offered respect as the chief of all the festivals at this shrine a practice which is kept up even today.

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