Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Kamakshi Amman Temple, Kanchipuram - Durvasa Maharishi Shrine

Kamakshi Amman Temple, Kanchipuram - Durvasa Maharishi Shrine
The shrine situated in front of Sri Kamakshi’s Garbha Grham is of Sage Durvasa, also known as Krodha Bhattaraka. There are thirty-two chief upasakas of Devi like Manu, Chandra, Kubera etc. Among these, Kamaraja, Lopamudra and Durvasa are the chief upasakas. Durvasa Pranita Vidya is called Sadi Vidya. Durvasa represents the power of Sattvika krodha of Ambal, used to protect and correct her devotees, and thus her limitless Kriya Shakti.
It is Sri Durvasa who established the Kamakoti Peetham by consecrating a Bhu-Prastara Srichakra in front of Ambal. He composed Lalita Stavaratna, also called Arya dwisahti, describing the Srinagara. He also composed Traipura Mahimna Stotra, a complete mantra Shastra in itself and also the Para Shambhu Mahimna Stotra. Due to a curse by Saraswati, he was born as a deaf and dumb brahmana and was graced by Sri Kamakshi with Anugraha Diksha.
Durvasa Maharishi’s shrine is on the eastern side of the main deity in the first prakaram, just before you enter the higher level of the second prakaram. The saint is in Samadhi (meditation). It is believed that Lord Rudra (Shiva) took on the incarnation of Saint Durvasa at the time of the birth of Kamakshi Devi from the pilakasam. Rudra as Durvasa was the first Maharishi (great saint) to worship the goddess and to compose the ‘Sowbhagya Chinthamani’ on Kamakshi. The rituals and practices in Kanchi Kamatchi Temple are in accordance with the Sowbhagya Chinthamani.

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