Friday, September 29, 2023

Vettudaiya Kali Temple, Ariyankurichi – The Temple Complex

Vettudaiya Kali Temple, Ariyankurichi – The Temple Complex

This temple is facing towards east with three tiered rajagopuram. There is a mukha mandapam in front of the rajagopuram. The main shrine is dedicated to Vettudaiya Ayyanar. The main shrine consists of sanctum and ardha mandapam. The sanctum enshrines an image of Vettudaiya Ayyanar flanked by his consorts Poorna and Pushkala. Ayyanar is depicted in sitting posture with his right leg hanging and left leg folded. He holds danda in his right hand with a flame as his cap.

He wear dhoti in pancha kacha style and tying the cloth on his waist along with Poorna and Pushkala. His vehicle, elephant can be seen opposite to the sanctum. Lord Murugan and Lord Vinayaga can be seen at the entrance of the ardha mandapam on either side. There is an idol of Karuppa Velar situated outside the ardha mandapam to the right side of the sanctum. He is depicted sitting on the horse appears beneath the dvarapala. Vettudaiya Kali shrine is situated diagonally opposite to the Ayyanar shrine.

This shrine is facing towards the west. Though, the presiding deity is Ayyanar, importance is given to Vettudaiya Kali. Hence, dwaja sthambam can be seen in front of her shrine. Kali is depicted in sitting posture with her right leg folded and left leg hanging. She is eight-armed holding various weapons like sword, kedaya, bow and arrow. The ray of the sun falls on Ayyanar in the morning and on Kali in the evenings.

The corridor next to her shrine has the paintings of adventures of Kali. Idols of Hanuman, Solaimalai, Meenakshi Sundareswarar, Mahavishnu, Karuppanna Swamy, Veerappa Swamy, Veerabhadra Swamy, Muniyappa Swamy, Pechiamman, Soolattu Kali, Muneeswarar and Bhairava can be seen opposite to Kali shrine. Sthala Vriksham is Eecha Maram (belongs to palm tree family).

There is a tank in this temple. It is believed that those who circumbulate this tank would be rewarded with reliefs from the problems they are facing. There is a shrine for Sonai Karuppa Swamy situated outside the temple premises. He is the guardian deity of Vettudaiya Kali temple. It is a general practice that the devotees after worshipping Kali and Ayyanar come to the shrine of Sonai Karuppannasami.