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Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, Samayapuram – Festivals

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, Samayapuram – Festivals
Thai Poosam Festival – Thai Month:
Thai Poosam Festival is being celebrated in grand full manner for 11days. The deity is being taken in procession daily both in morning and evening in different Vahanams. The deity is being taken in procession on Silver Horse Vahanam, on eighth day night and in Theppam (Floating Festival) on Ninth day night. On 10th day i.e., on Thai Poosam the deity in taken in procession from Samayapuram to North Cauvery (Coloroon) near Srirangam in glass palanquin for Theerthavari (taking bath) where goddess Mariamman is being honoured by Lord Sriranganatha by Presenting Seer Varisai (Gifts) to his sister Mariamman. On the 11th day, the deity returns from Coloroon to Samayapuram and the festival ends.
Poochoridal (Flower Sprinkling Festival) – Masi Month:
The Poochoridal Festival takes place on the last Sunday of month Masi. During Poochoridal lot of beautiful flowers of various kinds are being Sprinkled on the Moolavar deity. More than a lakh of devotee’s visits to this temple for sprinkling flowers and to have Holy Dharshan of the Goddess. The festival is spread over to 4 weeks i.e., four Sundays during the month of Masi and Panguni and sprinkling of flowers are being offered every Sunday. The special feature of this festival is that the Goddess herself adopts fast for 28 days for the welfare of her devotees. During these 28 days cooked food will not be offered as neivedhyam, to the deity. Only simple rice flour, tender Coconut, Sugar Candy, Jaggery water, Butter Milk, alone are being offered as Neivedhyam and Prasadam.
Chitrai Festival – Panguni - Chithirai Months:
This grand festival is being celebrated for 13 days. On the first Tuesday in the Month of Chitrai, i.e., on 10th day of festival, Goddess Mariamman is being taken in a decorated wooden car and pulled around the temple. This is called as Chitrai Ther festival. On Friday. i.e., on 13th day of festival the Goddess is being seated in a decorated float (Theppam) and pulled around the central Mandapam of Theppakulam. This is called float Festival. During these festivals devotees gather in large numbers offering their Prarthanas such as taking Agni Chatti, Milk Pot and Kavadi and Tonsuring their heads etc.
During the Chariot Festival, no vehicle is allowed to go inside Samayapuram Town and all the vehicles are stopped one Kilometer away from the Town and everybody have to go to the temple by walk. The Crowd is so much, though the Government made so many arrangements, still it is un-manageable. Luckily for Devotees, nowadays, they are following the traffic rule of left side walking in the road. This helps a lot for the smooth movement, which avoids any complications associated with big crowds.
Still you will find that so many children missing, which is being announced during the festival time in the loud speakers. During the Chariot Festival time, the Local Government arranges a ‘Special Bus Stand’, which is one Kilometer away from the Samayapuram Town. All the Buses and any other 2 / 3 / 4 wheelers are stopped there only. The vehicles which are going beyond Samayapuram in NH-45 will only be allowed with a little bit delay.
The 4 laning of the National Highway 45 has helped to ease traffic congestion to a considerable extent. Onward traffic can take the flyover, while those going to Samayapuram for Darshan can take the Service Lane which leads to the Temple. For festival days, during the Chithirai Chariot Festivals, there are 24 hours bus services to nearby places like, Salem, Namakkal, Karur, Thuraiyur, Thanjavur and other nearby Small Towns. Further, there are continuous Town Bus Services provided which mainly connect to Tollgate (Salem-Trichy main road junction), Chatram Bus Stand and Central Bus Stand.
Pancha Prakaram – Chitrai - Vaikasi Months:
This festival spread over for 15 days. The Festival starts on the first day of the month Vaikasi. On 10th day of Festival, special Maha Abishekam will take place.
Navarathri Festival – Purattasi Month:
This festival starts from New Moon of the Month Purattasi i.e., from Mahalaya Ammavasai and spread over for 9 days. The deity will be seated in Navarathri Mandapam for Golu.
Other Festivals:
All the Fridays in the Tamil months of Aadi (July 15 – Aug17) and Thai (Jan 15 – Feb 15) are celebrated in a grand manner. Also, Tamil and English New Year days, Pongal and Deepavali are observed with special pujas. While usually the crowd is big in all days, it is particularly more on Tuesdays and Fridays. Several worship services are offered throughout the day here. Offerings of salt, jaggery (brown sugar), lentils, jewelry are made by devotees. During the Festival days we can see that, the Tamil Nadu Police, NCC, Scout (School and College Students) Controlling the Crowd everywhere including the Temple premises.