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Chitra Radha Vallabha Perumal Temple, Kuruvithurai – Legends

Chitra Radha Vallabha Perumal Temple, Kuruvithurai – Legends
In a war between the Devas and the demons, a huge number of demons were killed. Their Acharya, Shukra, also a powerful planet, restored all the demons to life again through the power of Sanjeevini Mantra application which he alone knew. Devas, with a view to learn that Mantra, sent Kasa, son of Jupiter to Shukra to learn the Mantra and return to them. He went to Asuraloka, the land of demons with the blessings of Father Guru.
Devayani, daughter of Shukra, enticed by the handsomeness of Kasa fell in love with him, but it was a one-sided love. Kasa was keen only on his mission. The demons knowing the young man’s plans, killed him, reduced him to ashes, dissolved it in water and made Shukra consume it. As Devayani was unable to meet Kasa, she begged her father Shukra to find him. Shukra with his wisdom eye came to know the facts and understood he was in his belly.
To please the daughter and to restore Kasa back to life, he taught the Sanjeevini Mantra to him even while he was in his belly. Kasa came out alive tearing his guru’s stomach. As Kasa could not bear to see Shukra dead before him, he applied the same Sanjeevini Mantra and gave a new lease of life to the teacher. Shukra asked Kasa to marry his daughter Devayani. Kasa politely explained to Shukra that as he was born from his stomach, Devayani was his sister and therefore the match would be against law.
He left to his place with Shukra’s permission to his place. But Devayani created seven mountains preventing Kasa’s departure. Worried at the inordinate delay, Guru Bhagwan (Jupiter) undertook penance here invoking the blessings of Lord Narayana to save his son from the Asuras. Hence, this place came to be called as Guru Iruntha Thurai (later Kuruvi Thurai).
Pleased with the prayers, Lord Narayana used his discus (Chakrath Azhwar) to save Kasa from the asuras. He came here on a special chariot and provided darshan to Guru on the Chitra star day in the Tamil month of Chitrai and hence the Lord here is referred to as ‘Chitra Ratha’ Vallabha Perumal.

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