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Soleeswarar Temple, Perambakkam – Legends

Soleeswarar Temple, Perambakkam – Legends
It is heard that Perambakkam got this name from Ramayana period, during Ramayana war, Ravana was hiding in this place. Rama decided to kill Ravana. He made one huge bow (Periya Ambu or Perambu in Tamil). That bow was made in this place only, after which this place got the name Perambakkam=Perambu+aakam (aakam means made).
Kodi Maram:
It is stated that the flag-mast of this temple was installed on his own expense by a wealthy old man from the village. He suffered from a serious nerve problem and regularly offered his prayers in a systematic way at the temple.
When he got cured in order to show his gratitude to Soleeswarar he has fully paid the expenses for installing the flag mast (Kodi Maram).
Siddhars & Sages songs about the deity:
Sage Vasishta and many Rishis and evolved souls like the Siddhas have sung about the Deity here mentioning the cure for nerve disorders. Not only nerve related disorders but even brain tumors have a cure here, says Sage Vasishta in his song on Lord Choleeswarar. Siddhar Korakkanathar has sung a song which indicates that the Lord cures Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar. Konkana Siddhar in his songs refers to the same, calling blood pressure -the " silent killer." One of the songs sung by Sage Agasthya refers to the Kodi Maram or Flag Staff as being worshipped by Lord Dhanwanthari on pradosha days (Thrayodasi thidhi).

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