Thursday, June 7, 2018

Chitra Radha Vallabha Perumal Temple, Kuruvithurai – Festivals

Chitra Radha Vallabha Perumal Temple, Kuruvithurai – Festivals
Garuda Sevai on Vaikunta Ekadasi:
On the Vaikunta Ekadasi day, the Lord goes on a day long procession on the Garuda Vahana through the entire village of Kuruvi Thurai. Later that night, the Lord makes his way on a procession on the Horse Vahana. These are the only two Vahana processions in the year. In olden days, there seems to have been Vahana processions and Brahmotsavam at the temple going by the dilapidated old Elephant and Horse Vahanas. However, currently the Brahmotsavam is not celebrated here.
Chitrai Festival in Thenoor:
In centuries gone by, the Lord used to leave Kuruvi Thurai on a Chariot on a long procession to Thenoor for the Chitrai Utsavam there. He would leave Kuruvi Thurai 10 days ahead of the full moon day in Chitrai so as to reach Thenoor on the day Kallazhagar arrives there from Tiru Maliruncholai.
There seems to be a Vasantha Mandapam on the North-West corner of the temple, an indication that a Vasanthotsavam too may have taken place once upon a time but this too has now become a thing of the past.
Guru Peyarchi:
Since it is Guru Parihara Sthalam, Guru Peyarchi day is the biggest day of the year at this temple with lakhs of devotees visiting the temple on that day.

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