Friday, June 8, 2018

Jambukeswarar Temple, Nallicheri – Legends

Jambukeswarar Temple, Nallicheri – Legends
Lord Shiva feet Darshan:
This temple is associated with Vaishnavi (This form of Matha was out of Vishnu and hence holds Shanku, Chakra and Mace in her hands to show her origin), one of the Saptha Mathas. She is believed to visit this temple with Parasakthi on the fourth day of Navarathri (Chaturthi).  Here Sakthi and Vaishnavi had darshan of the Feet of the Lord as well as the attendant closest to Shiva, Shri Nandeeswarar.
Lord Shiva kept his lotus feet on Nandhi:
Once the Kazhal (the ornament worn on the leg, similar to Kolusu) worn by Shiva, brushed against Nandi. Nandi went into ecstasy by the mere touch of the ornament. Then he started imaging how it would feel if the feet of the Lord touched him. In order get this favour from the Lord, Nandi performed 1008 Pradosha Poojas (Pradosha Pooja is generally performed on the 13th day of the fortnight and it is a special Pooja for Nandi.  In this temple, Nandi did 1008 Pradosha Pooja to the Lord).  Pleased with his devotion, the Lord kept his lotus feet on Nandi. The Nandi Pooja episode is nicely presented in the form of a Sudhai work.
Mother appeared as a young lady to the Nadha Sharma couple:
In this temple, Ambal appeared as a young lady to the Nadha Sharma couple.  
Nandikeswarar penance to obtain Panchakshara Siddhi:
Nandikeswara worshipped the deity and did penance here to obtain Panchakshara siddhi, which he could not get at Thiruvaiyaru.
Nandi Mangai:
This village originally called Nandi Mangai according to Sthalapuranam, is now known as Nallicheri.


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