Friday, December 23, 2016

Naganathaswamy Temple, Keezhperumpallam – Prayers

Naganathaswamy Temple, Keezhperumpallam – Prayers
Those suffering from gastric troubles, neurological setbacks, lacking courage and those aspiring progress in trade and undertakings, seeking unity and prosperity in family and longevity and welfare of succeeding generations pray to Lord Naganathaswami and planet Kethu. They perform milk abishek on their birth star days with nivedhana and offer vastras in different colours. Devotees offer rice made of Kollu and clothes in various colours.
Kethu is the authority for wisdom. He is a fearless planet doing all good for the devotees belonging to his Rasi. People pray to planet Kethu for excellence in education and family prosperity. Those facing some adverse aspects of this planet, pray first to Lord Naganatha and Kethu with red flowers, offering horse gram rice – Kollu sadham – as nivedhana and light seven deepas.
It was believed that the devotees will get rid of from Naga Dhosham, Kethu Dhosham, and from marriage related issues by worshiping this temple. Kethu god is specially offered with offerings like Lilly flowers, horse gram (Kollu), and multi colored cloths. 

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