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Pallavaneswarar Temple, Kaveripoompattinam – Legends

Pallavaneswarar Temple, Kaveripoompattinam – Legends
Story of Pattinathar:
There lived in this region a Shiva devotee couple Sivanesar and Gnanakamalambikai.  They were blessed with a son named Tiruvenkadar. He was a marine trader. At 16, Tiruvenkadar married one Sivakalai but had no issues though years passed by. To grace them, Lord Shiva was born to Siva Sarmar and Suseelai, a poor couple.  The child was named Marudavanar. Lord Shiva appeared in their dream and advised them to give Marudavanar to Sivanesar in adoption. 
Marudavanar, now the adopted son of Tiruvenkadar continued the marine trade of the family. Returning from his business travel one day, Marudavanar gave a box to the mother and left out. Tiruvenkadar anxiously opened the box to see the wealth brought by the son but was shocked to see the box containing a dung cake made with husk. Throwing it in anger he found written on the cake, “even a broken needle would not accompany the soul during the last journey.” 
Tiruvenkadar learnt the truth and renounced his family life at once. He prayed to Lord Shiva to bless him with salvation. Lord appeared before him and assured that his wish would be granted at an appropriate time. Known as Pattinathar then as he was born in Kavirpoom Pattinam, he attained salvation in Tiruvottriyur.
Pattinathar a reincarnation of Gubera:
Gubera is believed to have worshipped Shiva at this sthalam. There is also a separate shrine for Pattinathaar, who is believed to be the reincarnation of Gubera and the temple itself is known as “Pattinathar temple”.

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