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Madhava Perumal Temple, Mylapore – Legends

Madhava Perumal Temple, Mylapore – Legends
Lord Vishnu married Mahalakshmi here:
Sage Bhrigu to test Lord Vishnu’s composure kicked the Lord on his chest. Mahalakshmi, angered by this, left the Lord. To find out a solution for this grave mistake, Sage Bhrigu did tapasya praying to have Mahalakshmi as his daughter. Mahalakshmi manifested as a kid in the Theertham here. Since Lakshmi came out of the Milk Ocean that was churned to get ‘Amutham’ (nectar), the sage named her ‘Amirthavalli’ and brought her up. When she attained marriageable age, he requested Lord Vishnu to marry her. The Lord came here and married her and the Divine couple stayed here as requested by sage Bhrigu. Thus, he attained the name Kalyana Perumal.
Birthplace of Peyazhwar:
The Temple is believed to be the birthplace of Peyazhwar, one of the first three of the twelve Azhwar saints of the 6th-9th century AD. Reference to this is found in the Brahmanda Puranam in the section relating to Mayurapuri Mahatmiyam. The legendary Azhwar was believed to have come to earth from the 60 ft (18 m) well called Manikairavam to the south-east of the temple, which exists to this day in Arundale Street, though in a neglected condition. The Aalvaar has a separate sanctum in this temple.  10 days’ festival is conducted close to Aippasi Sadayam day.
Sage Bhrigu had set up a hermitage here:
According to Mayurapuri Mahatmiyam in the Brahmanda Puranam, when Sage Vyasa requested the Lord to show him the holiest of places where he could do penance, he pointed out to Madhavapuram (Mylapore) where Sage Bhrigu had earlier set up a hermitage and did penance.
Santhaana Pushkarini:
Amirthavalli Thaayar was born as a baby in the Pushkarini here on a Maasi Magam day.  Hence, the Pushkarini is called “Santhaana Pushkarini”.  It is believed that on the day she was born all the sacred waters united here.  Based on this a festival is conducted on the Maasi Magam day.  On that day alone, Thaayar along with the Lord comes to the Theertha Kulam and graces us. The belief is that by taking bath at the Theertham and worshipping Thaayar, all our sins will be assuaged and we will be blessed.
Thirukkovilur Vaibhavam:
At Thirukkovilur Lord Vishnu made the three Aalvaars – Poigai, Putam and Peyalvar come together and himself revealed to them. Based on this, during the festival the Tirukoyilur Vaibhavam when the three Aalvaars appear together and on the tenth day the celebration of the Aalvaar visiting his birthplace, the Well are performed. In this holy place, Thirumalisai Aalvaar as a disciple to Peyalvar had his spiritual teachings from him. This episode is celebrated on the fourth day of the festival.  
It is believed that Lord Vishnu came here from his abode in Vaikuntam as Madhava Perumal to marry Amruthavalli Thaayar. Hence, this place came to be called Madhavapuram.
Prarthana Sthalam:
Santhana Pushkarani, which is now found to the South of the temple was the sacred tank of Sage Bhrigu, who lived in the ashram here. The age-old belief, as referred to in Mayurapuri Mahatmiyam, is that couples who bathe here on the full moon day in the Tamil calendar month of Maasi (mid Feb-mid March) and who offer their prayers to Madhava Perumal and Amruthavalli Thaayar will be immediately blessed with children. This is also a Prarthana Sthalam for unmarried people. Offering prayers to Lord Madhava Perumal who is seen in Kalyana Kolam is said to help one find his or her match immediately.
Best place for liberation from Kali Dosham:
Lord Vishnu directed Veda Vyasa here as the best place for liberation from Kali Dosham in this Kali Yugam.

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