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Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Thenambakkam – Legends

Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Thenambakkam – Legends


As per legend, Lord Brahma along with Lord Vishnu wanted to take up the job of creation. Hence, Lord Brahma approached Lord Shiva and requested for boon. Lord Shiva instructed Lord Brahma to visit this temple and worship him. Lord Brahma came here and created Brahma Theertham. He took bath in Brahma Theertham, installed Shiva Linga and worshipped Lord Shiva. Lord Brahma obtained the job of creation as a boon from Lord Shiva in this temple. Further, Lord Brahma requested Lord Shiva to make his abode in this place. Hence, the temple came to be called as Shivasthanam. As Lord Brahma worshipped Lord Shiva here, Lord Shiva came to be called as Brahmapureeswarar.

People worshipped Lord Shiva here:

It is said that Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi (68th Jagadguru of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham), Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma had worshipped Lord Shiva here.

Adi Shankara Last days:

This temple is considered as the place where Adhi Shankara is said to have spent his last days.

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