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Kolavilli Ramar Temple, Tiruvelliyangudi – The Temple

Kolavilli Ramar Temple, Tiruvelliyangudi – The Temple

This Temple is facing towards east with three tiered Rajagopuram and has two prakarams. The Temple is enclosed within brick walls. The central shrine housing the presiding deity is built with granite and all the other shrines are built with bricks. Of the 108 Divya Desams, this is the only temple where Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu, appears with 4 hands holding discus and conch.

Balipeedam and Dhwaja Sthambam can be seen facing the sanctum. Presiding Deity is called as Kolavilli Ramar / Ksheerapthi Nathan. He is housed in the sanctum in Bhujanga Sayana (reclining) posture facing towards east. The idol is beautifully painted. Markandeya Maharishi appears near the Lord’s head, Bhoomidevi at the foot, Brahma in the centre and the Lord’s feet are placed over Lotus.

The belief is that worshipping Lord Vishnu in this temple equals to worshipping him in all 108 Divya Desa temples. Planet Shukra (Venus) is worshipping Lord Vishnu in the form of an ever-burning lamp as a token of his gratitude to Lord who restored his vision. Utsava Idol is Sringara Sundaran. Thirumanjanam is performed only to the Utsava Moorthy in the temple. The Vimanam over the sanctum is called as Pushkala Varthaga Vimanam.

Mother is called as Maragatha Valli Thaayar. She is housed in a separate east facing shrine. There are shrines for Ramanuja, Azhwars, Acharyas, Andal and Anjaneya in the temple premises. Theertham associated with this temple are Sukra, Brahma, Indra, and Parasara. Sthala Vriksham is Kadhali (Red Plantain). The plantain can be seen growing from a granite base and it is believed to be historical. It yields fruits once a year even today.

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