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Kolavilli Ramar Temple, Tiruvelliyangudi – Legends

Kolavilli Ramar Temple, Tiruvelliyangudi – Legends

Kolavilli Rama:

Vishwakarma, the celestial sculptor, had created many Divya Desams but the sculptor of Asuras Mayan was longing that he never got a chance to build such a temple. He approached Lord Brahma to help him. Lord Brahma advised him to perform penance on Lord Vishnu in this place. As per Lord Brahma advise, Mayan performed penance here. Pleased with his prayers, Lord Vishnu appeared before him and provided darshan in his full form with Conch and Chakra.

However, Mayan wanted to see the Lord in his Avataram from the Ramayana. It is said that Lord Vishnu gave away his Conch and Chakra to Garuda and gave darshan to the Asura’s Sculptor as Raama, with his bow and arrow. Hence, this Lord came to be called Kola Villi Raama. Thirumangai Azhvaar also saw the Lord in the form of Kola Villi Raama.

Shukra regained his eyesight here:

As per legend, Lord Maha Vishnu, in his Vamana Avatar, sought three feet of land from emperor Mahabali. Shukra was the Guru of Mahabali. When Mahabali was about to offer the three feet land to Vamana, knowing his design, Shukra took the form of a bee and blocked the handle hole of the water bowl to prevent Mahabali obliging Vamana’s wish.

Lord Vishnu identified the trick and injured the eyes of the insect with a small spear. Shukra visited many places to regain the vision of the one eye, finally landed here, worshipped Lord Vishnu and got back his vision. Shukra is also called Velli. Hence, the place came to be called as Velliangudi. It is the believed the light he attained is still glowing at the temple as a lamp called Nethra Deepam.

Mayan, the architect of Devaloka, built this Temple:

Once the architects of Devaloka, Vishwakarma and Mayan had an argument on whose skill was superior. Lord Brahma, the god of creation informed Mayan that Vishwakarma attained betterment as he built Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Vishnu on account of accomplishments in a previous birth. He also informed Mayan that to attain similar status, he has to identify and build an abode near the river Kaveri similar to Vaikuntha. Mayan inspected various places and finally identified Tiruvelliyangudi, where sage Markandeya was doing penance. He built a beautiful temple and its compound, which is believed to be the temple in modern times.

Existence in all Yugas:

As per Hindu legend, the temple was called Brahma Putram in Krita Yuga, Parasaram in Thretha Yuga, Sainthiranagaram in Dwapara Yuga and Bhargavapuram in Kali Yuga.

Pushkala Varthaga Vimana:

Pushkala Varthaga is the name of the cloud which bores all blissful things to humanity. As Lord Vishnu at this place bless the devotees heartily, Pushkala Varthaga cloud become his Vimanam here.

Lord Vishnu darshan in Kalyana Kolam:

It is believed that Lord Vishnu appeared in Kalyana Kolam (marriage posture) to Parasara, Markandeya, Mayan, Brahma, Sukran and Bhudevi.

Parasara Theertham:

Sage Parasarar is believed to have performed penance in this temple. Hence, the temple tank came to be called as Parasara Theertham.

Vyasa Pooja:

It is said that many Sages and Saints have performed the Vyasa Pooja at this place.

Equivalent to 108 Divya Desams:

It is said that praying at this temple would be equal to praying at all the 108 Divyadesams.

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