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Venguneswarar Temple, Vengundram – Legends

Venguneswarar Temple, Vengundram – Legends

Venguneswarar / Thavalagireeswarar:

As per the instruction of Lord Shiva, Sage Vyasa went on a pilgrimage explaining the importance of Vedas to the general public. He noticed a white colored mountain during his pilgrimage. He was mesmerized by the beauty of the mountain and installed a Linga on top of the mountain. Further, he excavated a Theertham and performed pooja to the Linga daily with the water drawn from the Theertham. Hence, the Theertham came to be called as Vyasa Theertham. As Sage Vyasa installed Linga on top of white mountain, the Linga came to be called as Venguneswarar / Thavalagireeswarar (Venmai / Thavalam means white).


After the annihilation of Tarakasura, Lord Murugan visited several Shiva temples and worshipped Lord Shiva. When he reached Thiruvannamalai, he wished for Jyoti darshan of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appeared before him, informed him about his Jyoti darshan to Lord Vishnu & Lord Brahma here and attained his Ardhanareeswarar form here on Karthikai Pournami. Further he stated that his Jyoti darshan would be shown to him on Thavalagiri and disappeared.

Accordingly, Lord Murugan reached Thavalagiri, created a Theertham with his Vel (lance) and worshipped Lord Shiva for his Jyoti darshan. Pleased with his prayer, Lord Shiva granted Jyoti darshan to Lord Murugan and became a Linga at this place. This Linga under the name Arunachaleswarar can be seen in the temple. The Theertham created by Lord Murugan came to be called as Kumara Theertham.

Ganga regained her beautiful form here:

Once, River Ganga was quite dirty and ugly as people took bath in the river to wash off their sins. Ganga approached Lord Shiva for relief. He advised Ganga to visit Thavalagiri and worship him for relief. As advised, she visited Thavalagiri, worshipped Lord Shiva and got back her beauty.

Indra Theertham:

It is believed that Indra along with the Devas came here and worshipped Lord Shiva. It is also said that he created Theertham here during his worship. Hence, this Theertham came to be called as Indra Theertham.


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