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Ishta Siddheeswarar Temple, Kanchipuram – Legends

Ishta Siddheeswarar Temple, Kanchipuram – Legends

Ishta Siddheeswarar:

As per legend, Devas requested Lord Shiva to provide darshan in normal form here instead of the Jyotirlinga form. Acceding to their request, Lord Shiva excavated a tank and appeared as Linga on the banks of the tank. As he appeared on the wishes of his devotees, he came to be called as Ishta Siddheeswarar and the tank came to be called as Ishta Siddhi Theertham.

Dadhichi worshipped Ishta Siddheeswarar here:

Once Dadhichi and a king named Kshuva, got into an argument over superiority of Kings over Brahmans and vice versa. Dadhichi punched Kshuva and Kshuva attacked Dadhichi with thunderbolt. The injured sage was treated by Sukracharya. Sukracharya advised the sage to go to Kanchipuram, take a holy dip in Ishta Siddheesam and worship Lord Shiva. Further, Sukracharya explained the greatness of Ishta Siddhi Theertham.

As advised, Sage Dadhichi came to Ishta Siddheesam and did severe penance to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva granted him boons stating that he will never be humiliated, he could never be killed, and his bones will become as hard as a Diamond. Dadhichi returned to Kshuva and this time he defeated him. When Kshuva asked Lord Vishnu for help, the latter tried to trick Dadhichi.

Dadhichi discovered the ruse, and attacked with the Trishula, upon which, all deities except for Lord Vishnu fled the scene. In spite of this hostility, Dadhichi had utmost respect for Lord Vishnu. When the demigods approached Dadhichi for his bones in their struggle against Vritra, Dadhichi readily agreed hearing that they have been sent by the Lord Vishnu.

Sukracharya worshipped Ishta Siddheeswarar here:

As per legend, Asura guru Sukracharya took bath in Ishta Siddhi Theertham near Ishta Siddheeswarar Temple inside Kanchipuram Kachabeswarar Temple and worshipped Ishta Siddheeswarar to get Mrithyu Sanjeevini and Vajrayakkai.

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