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Kalhatti Falls, Ooty

Kalhatti Falls, Ooty
Kalhatti Falls is a tourist spot near OotyThe Nilgiris, Tamilnadu. These falls are about 13 km from Ooty, on the Ooty to Mysore Road or Sigur Ghat Road. From the Kalhatti village one has to continue for 2 miles to reach the falls and the falls is connected in the same Kalhatti village road.
Kalhatti Water Falls boasts a height of 40 metres and is considered to be an ideal destination for trekking. This water fall is around 13 km from Ooty on the Ooty-Mysore route. This is the road that connects Ooty with Masinagudi and has the famous 36 hair pin bends. The popular hill town of Bellikal is also situated close by. The water fall is located at around 2,000 metres above the sea level and the entire route runs through the Kalhatti Ghats.

Situated on the slopes of Kalhatti Mountains, the water fall also has varied rivulets and other water bodies attached to it. The best time to visit this attraction is during the months of September through November.
One can also spot animals like Panthers, Spotted Dear and Bison, who come here to drink water from the falls in the early morning and night. This is one of the best picnic places in Ooty for persons enjoying Hiking, Bird watching and Trekking.
To reach this Kalhatty falls, Buses are available from Ooty to Kalhatti village on the 6th mile of Sigur Ghat road and has to go by foot for the next 2 miles. Nevertheless, the falls is connected by a Motorable road. 

The route from Ooty to Kalhatty Valley, perched at an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level, will offer several breathtaking views on either side of the road that is sure to leave you inspired by the real beauty of the dense Nilgiris Mountain ranges.
The 13-km Ooty – Kalhatti excursion is a must for every tourist visiting Ooty and looking for pleasant nature sites to view that are filled with a package of surprises just waiting to be unfolded right before your very eyes. This is one trip that you will never regret in your life with numerous stunning vistas to indulge in as you traverse through a short but splendid trip from Ooty to the gurgling Kalhatty Waterfalls, a paradise by itself.
As you arrive at this location, you will need to follow a short walking trail [no vehicles allowed] from the Kalhatti village for about 3.5 kms to arrive at the stunning location of the Kalhatti Waterfalls.

Kalhatty Waterfalls is also referred to as the Kalahasti Waterfalls in Ooty and forms an ideal spot for spending unforgettable moments with nature. A perfect picnic spot for the locals of Ooty, the Kalhatti Waterfalls offers a soothing sight with its soft gushing sounds that resonates quietly as you enjoy your lunch with your kids, family or loved ones, friends or your partner.
The Kalhatty Waterfalls is set a bit farther from the Mudumalai Forest and the Bandipur forest that offers aplenty of cardamom trees that fill the area with its scent drifting right through to the falls.
The Kalhatty Waterfall graciously cascades along the slopes of Kalhatty that adds a picture perfect setting to this region. The Kalhatti Waterfall falls magnanimously amidst a picturesque landscape which is enveloped by a very rejuvenating and soothing greenery and tranquil ambience, sometimes interrupted by the chirping of birds.
The Kalhatty Waterfall cascades down a height of about 100 to 122 feet or approx. 40 meters announced with a great thrust of gushing sound as it falls onto the pit and flows further on. The roaring reverberation of this fall does create a magical sound and a jaw dropping sight for all visitors to gape at.
The slopes of the forest area situated a bit farther from the beautiful Kalhatty Waterfalls can be explored where you can catch glimpses of numerous wildlife species such as the Bear, Elephants, Wild Buffaloes, Bison, Giant Squirrel, Sambar Deer and at times even the Tigers, Leopards and Panthers. You will also spot the common and ever energetic group of mountain monkeys, hence, be extra careful not to further excite them and also, it is imperative not to get too adventurous by offering food items as it is sure to get out of your control.
Kalhatti is also a haven for Bird watchers who will be delighted with a view of over 200 varieties of Bird species apart from the sheer enjoyment of natural beauty and refreshing moments that this region has to offer.
Kalhatty also houses plantations of various spices such as cinnamon, clove, pepper, nutmeg, rosemary, rosewood and sandalwood amongst the many others.
The Kalhatty Waterfalls region has definitely earned a name and reputation in the top list of tourist attractions in Ooty and is ideal for people who enjoy hiking, trekking and Bird Watching activities. The Best time to visit Kalhatti Waterfalls is between September and November. Public transportation like Buses and taxis are readily available for hire up to the Kalhatti village situated at 6th Mile on the Sigur Ghat Road, hence offering ease of access to all tourists and visitors.
Other treks that you can explore from Kalhatti are to Pykara (19 kms), Kamarajasagar Dam (10 kms) and Sholur (10 kms). Once at Sholur, you can continue over two hills i.e., an additional trekking distance of three kilometers onward to Bokapuram. Here you will come across interesting tribal settlements.
Since these trails plunge in and out of wildlife reserves, you will need permission from the concerned Forest Department before you set out on them. A night trek to Kalhatti is also possible in certain seasons. The best time of the year to see Kalhatti Falls is between September and November.
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 06:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Location: Singara Range
Mobile Coverage: Only BSNL
Flora And Fauna: Bison Are Commonly Seen, Bird Watching In Early Morning Will Be Amazing, As This Place Is Next To Mudumalai.