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Mayuranathaswami Temple, Mayiladuthurai – Festivals

Mayuranathaswami Temple, Mayiladuthurai – Festivals
Vaikasi Brahmotsavam in May-June, Aipasi Thula Snanam (bathing in Cauvery) in October-November and Laksha Deepam on the last Friday of Aadi month-July-August are the festivals celebrated in the temple. During the Skanda Sashti festival in Shiva temples, Lord Muruga would receive his Vel weapon from Mother Ambica.  Here, he receives it from Lord Shiva. The Gouri Thandavam dance performance of Lord is celebrated as Mayura Thandavam – Mayura-peacock.
Thousands of pilgrims converge here during the Thulaa (Libra) festival. A noteworthy feature of the Mayuranathar temple is the daily processional ritual to the banks of the Kaveri throughout the monsoon month of Libra. Shiva's dance is enacted at the Aadi Sabhai on the 7th day of the grand festival in the month of Libra. The annual festival Bhrammotsavam is observed in the Tamil month of Vaikasi.
On the day of Chitra Pournami, Aiyarappar and Aram Valartha Nayaki, the deities of the sub temple go to 7 other temples around Mayiladuthurai before finally congregating here at Mayuranathar temple to invoke the Lord’s blessings. They go back to their respective temples from here. There is a big sacred tank on the Eastern side of the temple referred to as the Brahmma Theertham with a huge mandapa in the middle.  Theerthavari is celebrated here on Chitra Pournami, Vaikasi Visakam and Margazhi Thiruvathirai day in the presence of both Mayuranathar and Ambal.
The Theppotsavam follows soon after the 10 day Vasanthosavam in Vaikasi. In centuries gone by, Ambal from 7 different places around Mayiladuthurai – Thanthoneeswarar (Indalur), Karunapuri, Kanjaru (Anantha Thaandava Puram), Pasupatheeswaram (Pasupathi Agraharam), Sakthipuram, Tharumapuram and Vallalar temple (Senthankudi)  congregated here to seek Mayura Nathar’s blessings.
A 30 day Theerthavari festival is celebrated during each day of Aippasi. On the first day, Amavasya and on the 30th day, Pancha Moorthy from Mayiladuthurai temple, Vallalar Koil, Kasi Viswanathar (both southern and northern banks) and Aiyarappar arrive here and the 25 Lords provide darshan to the devotees.
During the festival in Aippasi, Ambal in a peacock form goes around the four streets and to the banks of the Cauvery and all the prakarams dancing around as a peacock and finally merges with the Lord. This is indeed a special festival.

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