Friday, December 23, 2016

Mela Thirumanancheri Airavateshwarar Temple – Legends

Mela Thirumanancheri Airavateshwarar Temple – Legends
Sage Bharatha receiving Shiva for his Marriage:
Sage Bharatha, as head priest, conducted the wedding of Lord and Mother at Tiruvelvikudi and invited them to his place Thirumananjeri. He arranged a grand reception to the divine couple. Edirkolpaadi is where Shiva, the bridegroom, was received by Bharatha Maharishi with the Poorna kumbham, when he arrived for the marriage. Hence, the place is named as Ethirkol Padi. Presently it is known as Melakoil.
Indra & Iravadham worshipped Shiva here:
Indira the king of Devas arrogantly neglected the garland presented to him by Sage Durvasa. The garland was the one offered to Lord Shiva in pujas. His Iravadham elephant too was equally indifferent as its master. Angry Sage cursed Indira that his head would be chopped off by a weapon in the hands of Pandya king. Shocked and trembling, Indira sought the pardon of the sage. The sage said his crown would fall down saving his head.
Iravadham came down to earth and wandered among many places worshipping Lord Shiva and finally got relieved of the curse in this place. As Iravadham worshipped Lord Shiva here, He is praised as Iravada Easwarar. Indira too got back his position. As Iravadham worshipped here, the sanctum sanctorum is vast enough that an elephant can enter in it.

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