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Pallavaneswarar Temple, Kaveripoompattinam – The Temple

Pallavaneswarar Temple, Kaveripoompattinam – The Temple
The temple is facing the Bay of Bengal. All the planets in the Navagraha Mandapam are facing the Lord-west. Lord Muruga graces with his consorts Valli and Deivanai in the prakara in a standing form. The peacock vehicle is absent in the shrine. There are two Chandikeswaras. There are two Mother Durga in the Prakara with demon Mahisha not seen under one Durga. River Cauvery enters the sea just near this place; hence the place is named Kaveri Puhum Pattinam. The present name of the place is Poompuhar.

This is the birth place of saint Pattinathar. Lord Shiva is a swayambumurthy in the temple. Presiding Deity is called as Pallavaneswarar and Mother is called as Soundaranayaki. Lord Anugnai Vinayaka is the main Vinayaka of the temple. The Shiva Linga in the sanctum sanctorum is big in size. Sage Pattinathar is in a separate shrine facing north. The sculptures of Pattinathar’s wife, Mother and Lord Shiva who grew as his son are on the vimana of this shrine. Also, there is no flag post-Kodimaram in the temple.     

Lord Shiva as Marudavanar, Shiva Sharma and Suseelai couple who brought him up, Pattinathar, his disciple Badragiriyaar, Nayadiar and Mother Guhambika with Lord Muruga on her lap are the procession deities in the temple. There is a separate shrine to Sabapathi Amman, which is believed to have been worshipped by Madhavi and Manimekalai of the Sangam epics. Sthala Vriksham is Mullai and Theertham is Jaanavi Theertham in front of the temple, created by Agasthiar.

There is also an image of Subramaniar, said to have been recovered from the ocean. It is believed locally that this image is that of Subramaniar at Thiruchendur, which is said to have been carried away by Dutch sailors in 1648. Sannadhis for Vinayagar, Subramaniyar, 4 Shiva Lingams, Pattinathar with folded hands in worshiping posture, Gajalakshmi, Sanibhagavan, Bairavar (Sani Bhagavan and Bairavar are in a single Sannadhi) can be found in this Temple. The Sabapathi Saba is similar to Thillai.

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