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Ponsei Natrunaiyappar Temple, Thirunanipalli – History

Ponsei Natrunaiyappar Temple, Thirunanipalli – History
The age of the temple is nearly 1000 years. The ancestor of Rajaraja Chola, Parantaka Chola I (907–950) built this temple for Nanipalli Natrunaiyappar. It is a 9th-century temple. The sanctum sanctorum is very big in size that facilitated an elephant to worship Lord directly inside. The sanctum sanctorum and the mandapas speak volumes of the aesthetic sense and architectural skill of ancient sculptors of Tamilnadu. The architecture of the Chola stands pride of the Tamil Civilization. In this temple wall Vijayalaya Chola statue can be found.
The First Rajendra chola has created a town Gangaikonda Cholapuram with most beautiful and rare sculptural techniques. It’s similar to earlier creation of Rajaraja emperor’s Temple. The Chola conquest of Kadaram (Kedah) and Srivijaya, and their continued commercial contacts with the Chinese Empire, enabled them to influence the local cultures. So that Emperor Rajendra chola also called “Poorva Desamum Vendra Koparakesari Varman”. So this place named Kadarankondan, Later name has been corrupted into Kidarankondan.
Other Reasons:
There is a significant correlation between Tirugnanasambandar and Nanipalli. His mother Bhagwati was born in this place. Thiruganasambhandar has sung a song to lord Shiva. Then this place has to change Parched wasteland to Seashore land, and then he converted into Agricultural Land. So that Thirunanipalli called Ponsei. After this incident Sambandar called his named Thirugnana Sambandhar.
In a period of chola this temple called “Jayan konda valanaattu aakkoor naattupirathameyamaagiya nanipalli (ஜயங் கொண்ட வளநாட்டு ஆக்கூர் நாட்டுப்பிரமதேயமாகிய நனிபள்ளி)

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