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Thiruporur Kandhaswamy Temple – Legends

Thiruporur Kandhaswamy Temple – Legends
Chidambara Swamy unearthing the Idol of Lord Muruga:
This place was founded by the Adhinam Srimad Chidambara Swamy. He was a great follower of the "Madurai Meenakshi Amman". Hence, he challenged the Goddess that he would not eat until she graced him with her vision. Many days passed and Chidambara Swamy was almost in a coma. Impressed by his penance, Goddess Meenakshi appeared in his dreams. Suddenly, he could hear the anklets of the Goddess Meenakshi and when he opened his eyes slightly, he got a magnificent glimpse of the divine feet.
The Goddess then raised swamy to his feet and as her hands touched him, his skin turned golden. She told him that six earlier attempts to establish the temple had failed and asked him to build the temple for Lord Muruga at Thiruporur. Chidambara Swamy reached Thiruporur to find that it was a dense forest full of palm trees. But he could not find evidence of any previous attempts to build the temple. But he was not able to locate the temple, at that time; Lord Muruga himself appeared as a small boy and gave him the vision of the sanctum sanctorum.
Chidambara Swamy unearthed the Swayambu Moorthy of Lord Muruga and his consorts and established the temple. There is a separate shrine dedicated to him in the temple and he is given special respect during the Vaikasi Visagam festival. During the last event of the festival, he is depicted merging with the presiding deity.
Muruga’s battle with Demons:
As per Hindu legend, Murugan fought with demons in three places, namely, the sea at Thiruchendur; land at Thiruparankundram and in air at Thiruporur.
Since Muruga won over Tharuka, this place came to be Porur (por in Tamil means war) and also called by other names like Tharukapuri and Samarapuri.
Vishnu worshipped Shiva here:
In ancient times, Lord Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi were subjected to the curse of Kanva rishi. Lord Shiva came to this place and liberated them from its effects. Therefore, Thiruporur temple is a very significant shrine dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva as well as his son Murugan.
Muruga teaching Pranava to Devas and Agastya:
 It is believed that sage Agastya on his way to Pothigai hills visited this place. The Sthalapuranam discloses that at this place Murugan (Skanda) with his consorts Valli and Devayanai granted protection to devas and expounded the meaning of Pranava to Agastya Muni. According to legend, Skanda enunciated the principle of Pranava or reality to devas here. The very concept of Pranavam is said to have born here, and the hill behind the temple is known as Pranava Malai.
Muruga worshipped Shiva here:
Skanda worshipped Shiva as Vanmeekeswarar to rid himself of the sin of having killed Soorapadman. 

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