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Vaithya Lingam Temple, Aladipatti, Thirunelveli

Vaithya Lingam Temple, Aladipatti, Thirunelveli
Vaithya Lingam Swami temple is located at Aladipatti at about 33 kms (20 mi) from Thirunelveli on the way to Tenkasi. The temple's sanctum has Vaithya lingam swami and goddess yogambigai. The other deities of the temple for various castes of people are Sudalai Madan Samy and Karuppa Samy. Sri Vaithya Lingam Swami is worshipped as Kula Deivam by various groups of people.

Initially the temple deity was found in Kallal also known as Koolaiyan Koondu near Kurumbur. This temple did not have any proper buildings. Poojas for the deity was performed by 60 families of Karkatha Pillaimar. There was a huge treasure hidden inside the temple. Once, a man with mystical power comes to know about the treasure and he informed about it to the 60 families. They all wanted to take out the treasure. They approached an astrologer, who was also a Siddhar to come and visit the temple. When he came to the temple he realized why he has been called.
Initially he refused to take out the treasure but later he accepted, realizing that the right time has come for taking out. The astrologer told that there are 21 Parivara Thevathaikal protecting and guarding the treasure and the temple. During Maasi Thiruvizha in Tiruchendur all the Parivara Thevathaikal go there except the Chappani Madan. Only, when they can tie the Chappani Madan with mystical powers and offer pregnant goat, pregnant pig and pregnant lady and do the pooja, then only they can dig out the treasure and they have to do it before the Parivara Thevathaikal returns.
They gathered all the things required for pooja and waited till the 7th day of Maasi Thiruvizha. But till the late evening they were not able to find out a pregnant lady and they have to do the offering in the night. They were worried. Suddenly they found a pregnant woman crossing their village on her way to her mother's place for delivery. They stopped her, enquired about her. With evil intention in their mind they used honey coated words to conceive her and made her stay in the night.
They told her that it is not advisable for a full-term pregnant lady to travel late night and they will take care of her and she can leave in the next morning. Late night they did all the pooja rituals and offered the goat, pig one by one. When the lady's turn came, she realized that she was in big trouble and how the villagers deceived her. When they were ready to offer her, she with immense anger cursed at the astrologer, "for 7 generations you will not have any girl child." (It happened and for 7 generations there were no female children in the family.)
At last they took the treasure made 61 shares including the astrologer and shared among them. Astrologer refused to take the share, he then buried his share there itself and released the Chappani Madan. Chappani Madan rushed to Tiruchendur and explained what had happened to all the Parivara Thevathaikal. They got really angry, came back, locked all the 60 houses and burnt them. All the members of the 60 families died, except a lady who went to her mother's family for delivery. She delivered a boy baby whose generation still lives in that place.
The festival will be carried twice a year. A ten days festive for Sri Vaithya lingam swami and Yogambigai in the month of Avani (Tamil month) and another festive for the deity in the month of Chithirai (Tamil month), which is more popular around the village.
Avani Thiruvizha:
Aavani Thiruvizha is celebrated during the Tamil month Aavani (mid-August to mid-September). It is an 11 day festival.  In these 11 days the deity's idol is taken out in a procession on the four car street, the devotees whose homes fall on the way make offerings.
Day 1:
The flag was hoisted on Panguni Uthiram to mark the beginning of the 11-day Avani festival.)
Day 2:
In the evening around 8.00 pm, the deities were taken in procession on Swami in Singa Vaaganam and Ambal in Parrot Vaaganam
Day 3:
Swami in Arakkan (Saint) Vaaganam
Day 4:
Swami and Ambal in Rishaba Vaaganam
Day 5:
Swami and Ambal in Mani chapparam
Day 6:
Shanmugar in Mani chapparam, Swami in Elephant Vaaganam and Yogambigai in Kaaram Pasu Vaaganam
Day 7:
Natarajar in Mani Chappram, Vaithiyalinga Swami in Horse Vaaganam, and Yogambigai in Annam Vaaganam
Day 8:
Pari Vettai (the holy hunt) is symbolic of Lord Vaithiyalinga Swami hunting down the demon of evil in a forest. The procession is usually very colorful and attracts devotees in large crowds. 
Day 9:
Swami Raavanan Vaaganam (one of the biggest vaaganams) and Ambal in Parrot Vaaganam.
Day 10:
The famous Thiru Ther (Car or Chariot Festival) is celebrated at the 10th day of the festival. People from around the place gathered to worship god Sri Vaithiyalinga Swami and Annai Yogambigai. After that the Vahana would be replaced by a "chariot" filled with various flowers.(Poom pallakku)
Day 11:
The god and goddess reached river for a holy dip in the morning of the day. Amid chanting of hymns, Lord Vaithiyalinga Swami and goddesses Yogambigai were given a ritualistic bath in the river and taken back to the temple to inspect the holy car.
Evening Vaithiyalinga Swami and Annai Yogambigai in Rishabha Vaaganam.
Margali Maha Utsavam:

Margazhi Maha Utsavam is celebrated in the Tamil month Margazhi (mid-Dec to mid-Jan). In this month temple opened at 3 am every day and poojas are taken place. Around 6 am Utsavar Moorthy is decorated and kept ready to be taken around the streets with everyone including school children's joining in the procession participating in the Bhajan singing.
From Dec 23rd to Jan 1st the 10 day festival "Thiruvenbavai Utsava Thirunaal" takes place. During these 10 days people will be singing the Thiruvenbavai songs. On the 10th day special poojas starts at 3am and Natarajar Thandava Deeparadhana at 6 am.   
It is celebrated in the Tamil month of Aippasi (mid-Oct to mid-Nov).
Panguni Thiruvizha:
Panguni Thiruvizha is celebrated in Tamil month Panguni (mid-March to mid-April). It is also an 11 day festival and almost same like Aavani Thiruvizha.
Kodai Thiruvizha:
Every year last Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Chithirai month (usually 1st or 2nd week of May) a 3 day festival called Kodai Vizha is celebrated in this temple. People from all over places come here during this time. It is the festival for God Sudalai Madan.
Other Festivals:
·        Soora Samharam
·        Nava Raathiri
·        Maha Siva Raathiri
·        Thiru Karthigai
Vaithya Lingam Swami temple is located at Aladipatti at about 33 kms (20 mi) from Thirunelveli on the way to Tenkasi. Aladipatti is located at about 3 Kms from Alangulam. Nearest Railway Station is located at Thirunelveli.  Nearest Airport is located at Madurai & Thiruvananthapuram.

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