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Nitya Kalyani Temple, Kadayam – Legends

Nitya Kalyani Temple, Kadayam – Legends
Kadayan Patti:
The name Kadayam came from "Kadayan Patti". Hundreds of years ago this place was known as “Kadayan Patti". Kadayan is the caste name of group people was living in this area. The other community peoples are migrated later. But nowadays there are other stories are spreads about the name Kadayam.
Dasaratha prayed for getting his progeny:
The King Dasaratha, the father of Lord Rama, was passing through the Bilva forest in today’s Kadayam area. He found a Swayambu Shiva Linga and prayed for getting his progeny (as per another legend, he worshiped to get rid of his sin of killing Shravana Kumar). This Shiva Linga was hence called as Bilva Vana Nathar, meaning the Lord of Bilva forest. Later, his name got changed to Vilvaranyeswarar.
Lord Rama worshipped Shiva here:
As per Kapila Purana, Lord Rama took bath in the river and worshiped Shiva in this site to get rid of his sin of killing Sambukasura.
Nitya Kalyani:
As per a popular legend, Brahma performed penance towards Lord Shiva and got a divine Bilva fruit. He broke the fruit into three pieces and installed it in three different places, Himalayas, Meru Mountain and in Dwada Shanta Van (Kadayam). Devas maintained this Bilva forest. Lord Shiva Linga appeared on his own (Swayambu Linga) and Parvati worshiped him in this forest. As she appeared as Kausi to kill the demons named Sumba and Nisumba, her complexion became darker. She started severe penance in this forest; Brahma made her complexion as golden color and named her as 'Nitya Kalyani'.
A Brahmin from Sringeri pacified the Goddess:
It is said that there were many unfortunate incidents happened in those days which made people to believe that the Goddess Nitya Kalyani was angry; they moved away from the temple and started staying in remote places. Later, a Brahmin from Sringeri was believed to have performed some religious rituals to pacify the Goddess.
Nitya Kalyani angry at Villagers for pursuing material values:
As per another legend, the Goddess Nitya Kalyani was unhappy and angry as the villagers were pursuing material values at the cost of performing their religious rites. Seven priests died on seven successive days. The Goddess threw her “kedayam”, the war shield, to a place which was 4 miles away from the temple. The villagers migrated to the place where the weapon fell. That place was called as “Kedayam” which later became “Kadayam”.
Goddess threw her Kadagam:
There is also another legend which states that the Goddess was unable to bear the noise created by the inhabitants of the village; hence, she threw her “kadagam” (bracelet) to a faraway place and asked the villagers to migrate there. Thus the place was called as “Kadagam” which later became “Kadayam”.
Dasaratha got relieved of his sin on killing Sravana Maha Rishi:
Purana says King Dasaratha was cursed by parents of Sravana maha rishi who died when he went to fetch water for his parents, by king’s arrow. The King asked for a remedy from their curse. Once the curse is given it cannot be withdrawn and he can try a remedy for the sin. He was asked to clean the Vilva Vanam in this place and erect a temple for the Swayambu Lingam and worship. The King Dasaratha did as he was guided and he was relieved of his sin. Sravana maharishi sculpture can be seen in the temple attesting this story.
People worshipped here:
Maha Kavi Bharathi was blessed by Sri Nithya Kalyani Amman. King Dasaratha, Sri Harichandra, Sri Ramachandra moorthy, Sravana Maharishi, Agasthiyar with Lopamudra, worshipped Lord Siva of this place.

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