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Thalamalayan Temple, Kadayam, Thirunelveli

Thalamalayan Temple, Kadayam, Thirunelveli
Thalamalayan Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Sastha located at Kadayam Village in Thirunelveli District of Tamilnadu. It is present amidst the forest on mountains. The Ramanathi (one of the tributaries of Thamirabarani River) flows past this temple. The temple has two statues - of an elephant and a leopard. Kadayam is one of the best places to produce lemons. According to the information provided by the villagers, when a gurukkal was performing pooja to the God, the leopard was chasing the elephant which resorted to the gurukkal for help.
The gurukkal who was disturbed from his trance was enraged and raised his hand in admonition. The elephant was converted to a statue. And so was the leopard that was in close proximity to the elephant. The history about Arulmigu Thalaimalai Ayyan temple is that whenever the village faced water famine, days without rain, Vedic scholars used to do "Varuna Japam" sitting inside a big vessel filled with water within the temple precincts. The rain God used to bestow his blessings by pouring rain abundantly.
This temple being open-to-sky from time immemorial and situated in the forest (about 7 kms outside village limits) several wild animals used to come inside the temple. On one such occasion, a wild-boar entered when the Vedic scholars were chanting "Varuna Japam". All of them called upon the God by loudly uttering "Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa", at which time the wild-boar became a stone thing. This stone animal can even now be seen inside the temple.
Kadayam is located at about 55 Kms from Thirunelveli, 18 Kms from Tenkasi, 19 Kms from Ambasamudram, 180 Kms from Madurai and 126 Kms from Thiruvananthapuram. Nearest Railway Station is located at Tenkasi. Nearest Airport is located at Madurai and Thiruvananthapuram.

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