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Jayaveera Abhayahastha Anjaneya Temple, Krishnapuram, Kadayanallur, Thirunelveli

Jayaveera Abhayahastha Anjaneya Temple, Krishnapuram, Kadayanallur, Thirunelveli
Jayaveera Abhayahastha Anjaneya Temple is located at Krishnapuram near Kadayanallur in Thirunelveli District of Tamilnadu. The place has the distinction of being a holy place that can be traced back to the Ramayana. There is a reference to this place in the Kishkinda Kandam of Valmiki’s Ramayana, one of the two most important epics that is part of and has greatly influenced the culture, tradition and religion of Hindus and India.

Anjaneya (Hanuman), the monkey god who helped Rama to find his kidnapped wife Sita, is said to have remained here for a week along with the Vanara (monkey) army. The figure of Hanuman in Krishnapuram is symbolic of great valor, strength and undying loyalty. He inspires people and as he was a messenger of Lord Rama, is worshipped as a deity who will willingly answer prayers. This place used to be known as Kishkinda Puram and has become Krishnapuram over the years. The Temple is located on the beautiful scenic background and with paddy fields all around is a temple for Lord Anjaneya.

The Sthalapuranam of the temple is interesting. After Ravana abducted Sita, Sri Rama sought the help of Sugreeva, the king of Kishkinda, to locate the whereabouts of his beloved wife. And Sugreeva, who had returned to power with the help of Sri Rama, sent his forces in all directions. Sri Anjaneya led a mighty team to the South, with a ring given by Rama. Before the large contingent left Kishkinda in search of Sita, Sugreeva asked his friends to return home after a month without fail, so that the next course of action can be designed according to the information gathered during the first phase of the mission.

Except the contingent that left under the leadership of Anjaneya, all the other groups returned to Kishkinda after a month-long search operation that was in vain. Though Anjaneya was not able to collect any vital clues that would lead them to Sita, he moved ahead with the hope of getting useful information about her. They reached a desert-like area after they crossed Vindhya Hills and being famished and thirsty, they began to frantically look for food and water. Then Anjaneya found some birds coming out of a cave looking wet and led his forces to the cave.

Inside the cave, they saw a beautiful city, and a meditating tapasvini — Swayam prabha — sitting at the centre. Sri Anjaneya told her about the purpose of his mission and Swayam prabha offered them fruit and water and told him the story of the city, which was built by Mayan. Mayan was later killed by Lord Indra, as the architect had committed a sin. Indra, who had to take a holy dip after killing Mayan, prayed to Lord Siva who, in turn, sent a branch of the Ganges to the place. "I was asked to stay here till your visit here.

Now it's time for me to leave this place," she said. But Sri Anjaneya asked her to remain there since he had to find Sita. After Sita was found and rescued by Sri Rama, He, along with Sri Anjaneya came to the place again and Swayamprabha handed over the regime to Sri Anjaneya and left the place. The place, which was then ruled over by Sri Anjaneya, is now called Krishnapuram. One finds reference to Swayam Prabha Theertham in Kishkinda Kandam. In centuries gone by, this place was called Kishkinda Puram which over a period of time became Krishnapuram (Kadayanallur).

The Temple
A very simple and pleasant temple has been built in front of the tank. The two mouths of the cave could be seen in the tank. While one cave is inoperative, the other is said to be leading to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. It is said that the sanctum sanctorum had been built at the very same spot where the Yagna had been performed by Sri Rama and Sri Anjaneya. It is claimed even now the land around the sanctum bores ashes, which is being offered as Prasad. After having Dharshan of the caves you come across a big hall which houses Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Sri Anjaneya, which is recently built.

The separate sannidhi of Abhayahastha Jayaveera Anjaneya, the moolavar is under the same roof. The time of installation of this deity is not known, and said to be very old. In fact the entire complex had come up around this sannidhi. There are samadhis of sadhus around the temple, and to denote the place there are either Tulsi or Vila plant has been planted. In the South-West corner of the complex there is meditation hall in which Sri Anjaneya in Yoga mudra is seen in the centre of the hall.

The shrine of Lord Anjaneya is seen facing south, so also Lord Anjaneya. The majestic Anjaneya is about six feet tall and standing on the ground. It is said that the rock goes deep below the ground. His legs are seen as if he is coming forward towards the devotee to bless him. With his right hand in 'Abhaya mudra', He offers all his devotees 'nirbhaya'. His left hand is seen resting on his left thigh. His neck is adorned with three types of garlands and in one of them a pendent is seen. He is wearing an ear ring as well as an ornament on the top of the ear. His tail is raised above the head and there is small bell in the end of the tail.

The most gracias is his glowing eyes, directly showering compassion and karuna on his devotees. Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya Sannidhi are located to the West of Moolavar Anjaneya. Besides attracting a large crowd, even from distant places every Saturday, the temple has also become a place of worship for Muslims, who visit the temple to offer special prayers and pujas. "As this temple has become a symbol of secularism, special prayers and pujas are performed during Ramzan and Christmas," The temple premises have samadhis of five sadhus. 

The temple administration has constructed a Thulasi maadam and planted a Vilva maram, near these samadhis. Belief is that bathing in the temple tank relieves one of Brahmma Hathi Dosham. Also, Lord Anjaneya is said to fulfill within 5 weeks the wishes of devotees who offer their sincere prayers at this temple. 

Temple Opening Time
·        Morning: 8:00 A.M TO 12:00 P.M
·        Evening: 3:30 P.M TO 7:30 P.M
·        Saturday: 7:00A.M TO 9:00 P.M
·        Hanuman Jayanthi – Laksha Archanai
·        Puratasi Saturday special
·        Rama Navami Utsavam
Jayaveera Abhayahastha Anjaneya Temple,
Krishnapuram, Kadayanallur,
Thirunelveli - 627 759
Phone: +91 46333 245250
Mobile: +91 89525 09466 / 99657 22693 / 98429 40464 / 93701 56658
Mobile: +91 94431 68285 / 94420 64410 / 90426 16792
This temple for Lord Anjaneya is located at Krishnapuram near Kadayanallur in Thirunelveli District of Tamilnadu. One can reach this beautiful village from Tenkasi or Sankarankoil. As you get down at Krishnapuram bus stop, there is a road perpendicular to the main road will lead you to the temple located at about one kilometer. From this road there is an approach road to the temple which is around five hundred meters. One has to pass through the paddy field and enter the temple complex.
Krishnapuram is located at about 150 kms South West of Madurai and about 20 kms East of Tenkasi on the Madurai-Tenkasi Highway. Chennai-Sengottai Express stops at Kadayanallur station. Daily passenger trains between Madurai and Tenkasi also stops here. Buses are available for every 15 minutes from Madurai on the Tenkasi road (about 3 hours from Madurai). Nearest airport is located at Madurai and Thiruvananthapuram.

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