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Vaikuntha Perumal Temple, Mangadu, Chennai

Vaikuntha Perumal Temple, Mangadu, Chennai
Vaikuntha Perumal Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in Mangadu in Chennai City in Tamilnadu. This temple is situated near to Kamakshi AmmanTemple. The Temple was believed to be built by the Pallava kings. It is said that it is mandatory for Pilgrims visiting to Mangadu Kamakshi Amman Temple must also visit this Temple along with the Velleeswarar Temple and offer their prayers. Maha Kumbabhishekams to this temple were performed in 1985 and in 2001.

Seer Perumal:
There is an interesting story behind this temple. When Lord Shiva came to this place to acknowledge the penance of Mother, Lord Vishnu too came here with gifts to his sister the bride. When Lord Shiva and Mother Kamakshi left for Kancheepuram, Lord Vishnu too was to accompany them. But Maharshi Markandeya begged Perumal to stay in the place. Obliging the Rishi, Perumal stayed here as Vaikunta Perumal with his discus and a ring in a finger showing his coming with gifts for his Sister. He is praised as Seer Perumal – Gift Perumal.
The term Mangadu means "Mango Forests or Mango Grooves" and as the term implies this must have been a thickly wooded Mango groove in times of yore.
The Temple
The temple is very small and located in a calm atmosphere. The temple has four entrances out of which the east entrance has a huge 5-tiered Rajagopuram and the lord sits facing this entrance. Presiding Deity is called as Vaikunda Perumal. He is flanked by his consorts Sridevi and Boodevi. All three of them are in the sitting posture. Perumal is holding conch and discus in his upper arms. The Discuss and the Conch are carved out in a similar design to the Discuss and Conch in the Velleeswarar Temple, suggesting both the temples have origins around the same time.

The idol of Moolavar is made of stone and that of Urchavar is made of brass. He is also seen sporting a ring which he was planning to present to his sister Kamakshi. The sage Markandeya is found in the sitting posture worshiping the deity inside the sanctum. Mother is called as Kanaka Valli Thayar. She is having a separate shrine facing east on the outer prakaram. Aandal shrine is found on the northwest corner of the temple, facing east.

There is a Shrine for Thirukachi Nambi, Saint Philosopher and Guide to Sree Ramanujacharya in a seated posture. An idol of Ramanujacharya has also been installed. There are also separate shrines for Chakkarathalwar (Sudarshana) and Anjaneya. There is an idol for Rama, Seetha and Lakshman and Anjaneyar on the left-hand wall of the temple.

It is administered by a trustee and the HR & CE departments of the Government of Tamil Nadu. The temple has a fairly large Goshala (Cow Care Center) housing more than 15 cows and calves. Goshala is situated behind the temple. Daily poojas are conducted according to the Vaikhanasa Agama as laid out by Sree Viganasha Acharya. The temple is well maintained and fully air conditioned.

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