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Neelakandeswarar Temple, Gerugampakkam – The Temple

Neelakandeswarar Temple, Gerugampakkam – The Temple
The temple is supposed to be a Chola period temple. However, the current structure is very small without any major signs of Chola period. There is no Rajagopuram, flag staff or bali peetha in this Temple. The entrance to the shrine is from south and temple is facing east. Nagar is situated first in this temple unlike Vinayakar in all the temples.

Presiding Deity is called as Neelakandeswarar and is facing east. The main deity is housed in a small and beautiful sanctum in the form of Shiva Lingam. The Nandhi Deva found in front of the Lord is considered powerful since he intakes the poisonous breath of the Lord after he consumed the deadly poison. There are no niche idols on the sanctum walls. Ganesha, Nandi, Bhairava and Chandikeswara idols are all found in Arthamandapam.

Mother is called as Adi Kamakshi and she is standing posture. There is a separate south facing shrine dedicated to Mother and she is about 5 feet tall. Her idol is very beautiful and attractive. Kamakshi stands majestically with Pasam & Angusam in two hands and in Abhaya Hastha in other two hands. It is believed that she is the oldest among five different forms of Kamakshi.

There is only outer prakaram and there is no Vimanam over the sanctum of both Lord and Mother. There is a separate shrine for Kethu Bhagavan on the southern side of the sanctum. This Shrine is located on the left-hand side of the entrance. A separate Snake idol is being worshipped as Kethu in this shrine. Special Poojas and Homams are performed to Kethu Bhagavan during Rahu Kethu Peyarchi. Kethu preethi and Kethu Dosha Nivarthi poojas are done on Tuesdays.

The Navagraha (planetary gods) are present in the northern corner of this temple. It has many snake carvings on its ceiling, which indicates that the temple is a Parihara Sthalam. The temple also has a vast pond adjacent to it. The pond is considered quite old and requires proper maintenance. Shrines of Nagar and Kalinga Nardana Krishna are found in the prakara.

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