Friday, December 23, 2016

Mullaivananathar Temple, Thirumullaivasal – Legends

Mullaivananathar Temple, Thirumullaivasal – Legends
Miracle of Mortal Remains turning into Diamonds:
One Susavi, eldest son of Vamadeva placed his father’s bones after his demise in holy waters. When he put the bones in the waters in this place, they became diamond stones. He immediately performed all the last rites for the father in this place that granted total salvation to the father. It is still believed that Holy Ganga springs here on the northwest direction of the temple. 
Story behind the name “Tiru Mullai Vayil”:
The temple was built 2000 years ago by King Killivalavan. King Killi Valavan, grandfather of Karikal Valavan was suffering from skin problems. Palace doctors advised him that he should have a bath in a reputed Shiva Sthala. He came to this place for a sea bath. The place was dense with Mullai plants which bound the legs of the horses. They could not move further. The king removed the plants with his sword. The sword hit a Shivalinga hidden under the bushes. It began to bleed. The king was shocked and thought he had killed somebody and on cleaning the place, he found the Linga bleeding and attempted to kill himself for the mistake. Lord with Mother Parvathi immediately appeared before him on his Nandhi vehicle and protected Killivalavan. Thus the place came to be known as Tiru Mullai Vayil. The scar on the Linga is still visible.

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