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Kuttalam Ukthavedeeswarar Temple – The Temple

Kuttalam Ukthavedeeswarar Temple – The Temple
The presiding deity is Sonnavaar Arivar, Uktha Vedeeswarar and the Ambal Mukizhambikai / Parimala Sugandha Nayaki. Lord Shiva is a swayambumurthy in the temple. As a token of his wedding event in this place, Lord Shiva had left his Sandals (Padukas) and the Uddhala tree that accompanied him from Mount Kailas to offer him shadow on the way. The devotee can have the darshan of the Padukas in the temple. Sthala Vriksham is Uthala tree is said to have come from Indhra lokam and is standing as a testimony for the Lord’s betrothal with Parvathi Devi. The Holy River Cauvery takes its way to Bay of Bengal through the town. According to Hindu belief Cauvery will purify the soul from sins.

Theertham related to this temple are Thamarai Theertham/Sundara Theertham, Padma Theertham, and Cauvery Theertham. Sannidhis for Ganesha, Nandikeswara, Subramanya with his consorts Valli & Deivayanai, 63 Nayanmars, Dakshinamurthi, Navagrahas, Saptharishiswarar, Bhairavar, Saneeswarar, Pancha Lingas, and Serpent Gods are located in this Temple. This is a beautiful temple, with exquisite work on the gopurams. While one façade of the gopuram depicted the child Parvati with her foster parents - the rishi and his wife, another depicted the marriage, while another showed various forms of Dakshinamoorthy. There was also one of Parvati praying to a lingam.

The main Shivan is about 5 ft. high with avudaiyar facing the left side. The koshta Vigrahas are usual Ganesha Dakshinamurthy, Lingothbhavar and Durga all are reversed in position due to west facing Lingam. There is also a Sannidhi for the young Goddess Parvathi before she married Shiva. There are also depictions of the marriage on the temple gopuram and vimanam. It is a holy place for relief from skin and eye disorders and removes obstacles to marriage. The Kuttralam tree is revered as having medicinal value in its leaves, flowers and is much revered here.

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