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Kuttalam Ukthavedeeswarar Temple – Legends

Kuttalam Ukthavedeeswarar Temple – Legends
Equivalent to Kashi:
One Rudrasanma was proceeding to Kasi for salvation. Lord Shiva wanted to make him understand that this place itself was equal to Kasi. He called Gundodhara to stop his journey taking the form of a serpent. When Gundodhara intercepted his journey as a snake, Rudrasanma chanted the Garuda mantra. The snake fell down fainted. Lord Shiva came their as a snake charmer. Rudrasanma understood who the charmer was. He fell at Lord’s feet. Lord told the devotee that his wish could be realized from this place itself.
Mother Parvathi married Lord Shiva:
Sage Bharatha desired to have Mother Parvathi his daughter and performed intense penance. Lord made her born to the sage from a Fire Pit – Homa Gunda.  She grew and attained the marriageable age. As her sole desire was to have Lord Shiva her own Lord, she performed penance on the banks of Cauvery by making a Linga with sand.  She also found a Shivalinga there and was happy that Lord Shiva responded her prayer.  Lord appeared from the Linga and took Parvathi by hand.  Mother requested the Lord to take her with the consent of her parents.  Lord too was happy at the suggestion.
After a while, Lord sent Nandhi to Parvathy’s parents according to the custom. They were very happy at the offer. The day too was fixed for the wedding. Lord came to this place on his Nandhi the bull vehicle accompanied by the Uddhala tree to give shadow on the way. Lord came to Kuthalam, had mother’s hand in marriage.  Remembering the event, Lord Shiva left his sandals (padukas) and the tree.
Thiru Sundaramurthy Nayanar regained his eyesight here:
Thiru Sundaramurthy Nayanar lost his eyes sight when he crossed the land of Thiruvottriyur due to the denial of promise given to his wife Sangili Nachiyar. Later, he regained the sight of one eye from Kanchipuram. Sundarar was in a wretched state mentally and physically as well. He arrived at this sacred land, he passionately sung praising the glories of Lord and earnestly prayed for forgiveness. Soon, a mysterious voice instructed Sundarar to have a holy dip in the pond situated here and Sundarar reverently followed the instruction. Immediately after the holy dip Sundarar regained his ever charming physique. There is a shrine for Sundarar positioned near this pond. Hence, this pond has got its name Sundara Theertham.
People worshipped Shiva here:
Worshipped by – Goddess Sri Parvati, Lord Varuna, Lord Agni, Saptharishis – Sage Kashyapa, Gouthama, Markandeya, Angira, Pulastya, Vashista, Agastya, Sage Bharatha.
Marriage Parihara Sthalam:
Only those chanting the name of Lord Uthavedeeswarar are learned.  As Lord Shiva’s marriage took place here, any obstacle in wedding proposals would vanish if the devotee prays here.  
Agni relieved from Curse by praying to Shiva:
Agni the God of Fire had a curse. Whatever he touched was destroyed. He prayed to Lord and became a useful energy to people.

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