Saturday, June 4, 2016

Veerabhadraswamy Temple, Salem

Veerabhadraswamy Temple, Salem
The temple is about 1 km from Salem old bus stand. The temple is close to Guhai Palam bus stop. Veerabadhrar is the angry form of Lord Shiva when he burnt his father in law Dhatchan. Veerabadhrar normally found in a sub shrine in the praharam of a Shiva temple is having the main place here.
Veerabadhrar is worshipped here in both linga form and human form.
The main deity Jangameswarar in linga form is being worshipped as a Veera badhrar. Normally Shiva faces only East or West direction. Here he faces north, the direction of Kuberan, the Lord of wealth.
Shiva blessed Kuberan with all wealth and so worshipping Lord Shiva here is believed to clear off all wealth related problems. Ambal Vedhanayagi is having a separate shrine.
To the left of the Jangameswarar, Veera badhrar in human form is present along with Mahakali and his father in law, Dhatchan. So worshipping the Lord here is believed to clear off all family relational issues.

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