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Sri Gnanapureeswarar Temple (Thiruvidaichuram), Thiruvadisoolam – Legends

Sri Gnanapureeswarar Temple (Thiruvidaichuram), Thiruvadisoolam – Legends
Parvathi in the form of Cow identified Shiva Lingam to the Villagers:
As per the legend, Goddess Parvathi took the form of Kamadhenu (cow) and came to this village. One day villagers here saw the cow pouring its milk by its own, on an ant hill. They dissolved the ant hill to find a beautiful Shiva Lingam inside. They installed the deity in the same place and formed this temple. As the cow poured milk by itself on God, the place came to be known as Thiru Idai Churam, and Goddess is called as Govardhana Ambigai (In Sanskrit ‘Go’ means cow).
Lord Shiva served Gnanasambandar with food:
Once Gnanasambandar was walking toward Thiruporur and was resting under a tree. He was hungry when the lord came to him in the guise of a cowherd (Edayan) and offered him curd rice in a mud pot. The saint refused saying he must pray in a Shiva temple and only then have his meal. The cow herd brought him to this temple and the saint had a bath at the pond nearby and the cowherd vanished into the sanctum when the saint realised who had directed him to the temple and fed him. The name of the place was Thiru edai Churam (Shepherd who fed) which has been corrupted as Thiruvadi Soolam.
Lord came to the saint on his way and left on the way -Idai in Tamil.  Hence, Lord is praised as Idai Suranathar.  Sambandar sang Pathigam-10 verses in praise of Lord. It is also said that this place got its name as this village is surrounded by hills. In Thamizh, the place between hills is called “Churam”.
Gowthama Rishi worshipped Shiva here:
The Lord here is also said to have been worshipped by an ancient sage called Gowthama Rishi.
Ambica with back foot posture:
Lord Shiva once set out to help child saint Tirugnanasambandar who was tired then.  When Ambica too joined Him, Lord asked her to be back as any child would recognize the Mother who fed it. He will easily recognize both.  Lord simply wanted to go alone.  As Ambica was ready to accompany the Lord, She is seen ready to go walking with Lord, it is described.  Those with disfigured legs pray to Ambica.

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