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Agastheeshwarar Temple, Ambasamudram – Festivals

Agastheeshwarar Temple, Ambasamudram – Festivals
Panguni Brahmmotsavam in March - April, Aani annual abishek in June - July, Navarathri in September - October, Tirukarthikai in November - December, Margazhi Thiruvadirai in December - January and Shivaratri in February -March are the festivals celebrated in the temple. Navarathri festival is dedicated to her as to Ambica with special Alankaras. During Navarathri festival, Chokkapanai is burnt in the presence of the sage couple.
Agasthya-Lopamudra wedding festival is celebrated in the month of Thai (January-February) on Hastha star day. In the morning Lopamudra leaves the temple in procession for penance. Sage Agasthya meets her in the evening granting his darshan and both return together when the wedding festival is celebrated at night. This wedding festival is conducted as followed in Shiva temples. It is believed that worshipping Agasthya-Lopamudra in wedding form would bless those waiting for their wedding.  
During the Brahmmotsavam, on the 8th day, a festival of feeding Agasthya takes place with Lord Shiva granting darshan to the stage. A banquet is organized for Agasthya with all the traditional and famous dishes of Tamilnadu as Nivedhana.  Sage Agasthya and Lopamudra draped in green vastras go together to Ammayappar temple, where Lord Nataraja grants darshan to the couple. Then they return to the temple and accept the feast in the Anna Mandapam. Devotees carry milk pots and offer full body circumambulation-angapradakshina.

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