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Anjel Perumal Temple, Agaram – Legends

Anjel Perumal Temple, Agaram – Legends
Dasavathara Kshetram:
There once lived a theatre artist Mithrasaga in Agaram village who was spreading the glory of Sriman Narayana through his Dasavathara dramas throughout the country. He enacted one such event in Kashmir in the presence of King Kungumangadhan and princess Chandramalini. The princess fell in love with the artist. With the acceptance of the parents, the marriage went off in a grand manner. They had a happy married life as a role model to others. During their old age, the couples built a hermitage and were engaged in the service of Lord Narayana.
Pleased with their pure life, Lord Vishnu appeared before them on a Dwadasi day (12th day from new moon or full moon day) on Masi month (February-March) and taught them the great "Ohm Namo Baghavate Vasudevaya" mantra. Granted the prayers on this Dwadasi day in the Tamil calendar month of Maasi, Lord Vishnu is believed to have provided the Dasavathara darshan, all at the same time, at this place. Hence this place came to be known as Dasavathara Kshetram.
Tamirabarani Mahatmiyam:
Books describing the incarnations of Lord Vishnu and his mission to establish Dharma and righteousness are called scriptures or Puranas. Tamirabarani Mahatmiyam is one such book describing the creation of the River by Sage Agasthya and the holy places surrounding the river. Agaram is one such place in Thirunelveli district where Lord Vishnu showed all his ten incarnations.
There are references to Manimahodaya Agraharam (which in course of time became ‘Agaram’ village) and the presence of a large number of Bhaagavathars here at this place. Hence, this was called Bhaagavatha Kshetram. The Agaram Village was also a place for Vedic Education.
Equivalent to Ganga:
As river Tambiraparani flows southward from north, whatever remedial efforts taken here for any problem, has the effect of doing it at Holy Ganga in the north. The Tamaraibarani Purana points out the significance of a bath at the Dasavathara Theertham at this Dasavathara Kshetram. A bath here is said to be equivalent to and bear the same fruits as a bath at the Ganges in Varanasi. 
People who worshipped Vishnu here:
Lord Hayagriva, Sages Athri, Mandavyar, Angirasar, Vasistar, Somar, Durvasa, Kabila, Mudradevi and Agastya had worshipped the Lord in this temple.
Chandramalini got Mukthi at this place:
Chandramalini got Mukthi at this place. Lord Vishnu is believed to taken her in his Pushpaka Vimanam.
Parihara Sthalam:
Each Dasavathara idol relates to a Navagraha and the belief is that one will be liberated from all kinds of Doshams if one bathes in the Tamaraibarani Theertham here, has a darshan of the Dasavatharam Lords and performs the relevant pariharam at this temple (Matsya- Kethu Pariharam, Koorma- Sani Dosham, Varaha Avatharam- Rahu, Vamana-Guru Dosham, and Krishna- Chandran).
Liberation from Parental Curse:
The Anjel Dasavatharam Perumal is also said to be a place for liberation from Pitru Dosham (Parental curse) and is believed to be equivalent to visiting Kasi.

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