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Krishnaswamy Temple, Ambasamudram – Legends

Krishnaswamy Temple, Ambasamudram – Legends
Markandeya Rishi's connection with Krishnan Koil:
It is believed that the sage Markandeya got the darshan of Adi Sesha, the divine serpent, in this site. As per Sesha’s order, Markandeya installed the idol of Lord Krishna here. The idol of Krishna and his consorts are made up of Salagrama stone from Kandigai River in Nepal. The interesting feature is that the Salagrama idol was carved in the form of Krishna playing the flute without any help from the sculptors.  
Builder of this Temple:
A Chera King, a staunch Vishnu devotee had the desire of building a temple for Perumal.  Lord appearing in his dream suggested the place in Punnai Vanam – forest of Punnai trees – on the banks of River Tambiraparani.  He made an idol as he saw in his dream, with his consorts Rukmini and Satyabhama, installed and built the temple.  Though the presiding deity is named Krishnaswamy, people know the temple as Krishnan Koil only.
Punnai Vana Krishna:
As the temple was built amidst the forest full of Punnai tree in those days, it is also called as Punnai Vana Kshetra. Hence the Lord here is also known as Punnai Vana Krishna. In memory of this, the Lord goes on a Punnai Vana Vahana on the 7th day procession of the Brahmotsavam in Vaikasi.

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