Monday, March 6, 2017

Krishnaswamy Temple, Ambasamudram – The Temple

Krishnaswamy Temple, Ambasamudram – The Temple
It is a small beautiful temple located very near the bus stand and arch in the heart of Ambasamudram town. The east facing temple does not have tower. But it has flag staff, Bali peetha and Garuda facing the main shrine. The attractive Salagrama stone images of Krishna playing flute in the standing posture with his legs crossed in a stylish way. He has his consorts Rukmini and Satyabhama on his either sides. Tirumanjanams are performed with oil and milk each day.  

The Utsava idols are the replica of the stone images and they are also placed in the main shrine. It is difficult to conclude which one is more beautiful – the stone image or the metal image of Lord Krishna. The nine hood Adi Sesha is found atop Lord Krishna, which is unusual. The 9 hooded Adhi Sesha who normally is seen atop the Lord in a sleeping posture, is seen here atop Lord Venugopala Swamy in a Standing posture. Each of the 9 heads is believed to relate to a Navagraha planet. Hence, a visit to this temple and offering sincere prayers is believed to liberate one from Navagraha Dosha.

The temple also houses the idols of Garuda, Alwars, Vishwaksenar and Udayavar. The sub shrines of Periyalvar and Hanuman are also found in this temple. The temple has just one prakara. The vimana, tower above the sanctum is of Padma Vimana design. The temple is situated on the northern bank of Tambiraparani.  Six pujas (6 Kala puja as per rules both in Shiva and Vishnu temples) are observed in the temple. Sri Anjaneya is in the front mandapam facing north.

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