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Dasavathara Temple, Srirangam – Legends

Dasavathara Temple, Srirangam – Legends
Lord gave Dasavathara Darshan to Thirumangai Azhwar:
Lord Krishna declared that his incarnations were to establish the rule of Dharma and the nobles and to destroy Adharma and the wicked – Parithranaya Sadhoonam, vinachayacha dushkrutham, Darma samstha panarthaya Sambavami yuge yuge. His incarnations are meant to make nobles happy. As per the legend, Tirumangai Alwar personally monitored the construction of Ranganatha temple. Lord Ranganatha was happy with him and he presented himself as ten incarnations to his devotee. This temple relates that story.
Also, Thirumangai had two other wishes - Lord to provide darshan to all the people who had helped him build the huge walls of Srirangam and for Lord Namperumal to come on special street processions via the Southern banks of Coloroon. Hence, this route is called Azhvaar Padi Thirai. All those who walk through this route are believed to be in line to attain Moksham.
Parihara Sthalam for Graha Doshams:
It is said that the Vishnu Avatars are the incarnations of nine planets as-
Matsya-Kethu, Koorma- Saturn (Sani), Varaha- Rahu, Narasimha- Mars (Sevvai), Vamana-Jupiter (Guru), Parasurama- Venus (Sukra), Rama- Sun (Surya), Krishna- Moon (Chandra), Kalki- Budhan(Mercury). Therefore, performing a relevant Archanai for an incarnation at this temple is considered equivalent to performing a pooja for that planet (one of the Navagraha) and will liberate one from the respective Dosham and instantly activate positive energy in the devotees.

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